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January Blues_Eiji Fukui (@insta_eiji)

This is the coldest winter ever! All we want to do is hibernate and watch movies... However, when Japanese photographer Sora Kusaka (@sorrrr_k) invited us out to hang with fashion model Eiji Fukui (@insta_eiji) we couldn't pass that up. Turns out that Eiji is also a cinephile too! In this interview, the 22-year-old model reveals his favorite theatre popcorn and his method on how to beat the January blues.

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Members Only: A Chat With Skoot Apparel's MLMA

It seems that there is a new underground streetwear label launching every day. With so many options for buyers, is there a key to getting noticed? Visual artist and founder of SKOOT APPAREL, MLMA (@melovemealot), shares the story of how she combined the knowledge gained at MIXXMIX with her penchant for throwing house parties to create an original and thriving fashion brand. 

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Going Deep: Esteem Model _ Jung Hyuk

Jung Hyuk (@artistboy_), signed to Esteem Models, identifies firstly as an artist. He's active as both a fashion model and photographer. While grabbing a coffee together in the early autumn of November 2015, Jung Hyuk tells us about what he does during his down time, his style, and his personal pursuit of happiness. 

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