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This is the coldest winter ever! All we want to do is hibernate and watch movies... However, when Japanese photographer Sora Kusaka (@sorrrr_k) invited us out to hang withEiji Fukui (@insta_eiji) we couldn't pass that up. Turns out that Eiji is also a cinephile too! In this interview, the 22-year-old model reveals his favorite theatre popcorn and his method on how to beat the January blues.

Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Photos via @insta_eiji & Sora Kusaka

EIJI FUKUI ( @insta_eiji )

EIJI FUKUI (@insta_eiji)

Please introduce yourself!

EIJI: Hello! My name is Eiji Fukui. I am 22 years old and I’m from Kyoto, Japan.

Can you tell us more about you? WhY DID You Come to Korea?

EIJI: My hobbies are watching movies and drawing. When I was in Japan, I was watching one or two movies a day. My fashion is often inspired by movies. The reason I came to Korea is because of my brother. My older brother asked me, ”Will you go to Korea with me?" And it started from there. I came to Seoul in May 2017. Because I like the UK I thought about going there instead but I chose Korea since my brother invited me.

How is life in Korea?

EIJI: It's surprisingly different. I do not know exactly how it's different but it's definitely different than Japan. If I stayed in Japan or didn't model I think probably that I just would have gone to university and watched movies all the time at home. Since I did not have an active personality until I came to Korea, I may not have done anything else.

You recently worked with Korean photographer Cho Giseok. We are big fans of his work! How was the experience like?

EIJI: I have never dyed my hair before but I dyed my eyebrows for the shoot so it was fun! It was good because I was able to do something different from usual. I was able to think about the possibility to change myself.

Has your fashion style changed after coming to Korea?

EIJI: It became a little simpler. I think that the color was more flashy when I was in Japan.


Where do you usually shop?

EIJI: Although there is no fixed shop, I often go to vintage clothing stores.


How long does it take to get DRESSED every morning?

EIJI:  About 30 minutes. It may take more time, as it is often hard to decide!

How’s your Korean ability these days?
What’s your favorite Korean word?

EIJI: I go to a university language school. I'm on Level 3 so I don't know much yet. My favorite word is 그렇구나 kureotguna, which means, "Oh, I see," because it is a useful word when talking!

Do you have a special way of studying Korean? Watching Korean dramas or drinking with Korean friends?

EIJI: I also want to know of a way! But I think that the best way is to talk with friends. I think that it is good to learn words and grammar by yourself and try it in conversation.


You said you like Itaewon. What do you like best about Itaewon? Dining? nightlife?


EIJI: Going to play in the daytime is fun! It feels slightly different from usual Korea. I think that the reason is that people from many different countries are there and make a unique atmosphere.

What makes you excited?

EIJI: I feel excited when I watch movies or music videos. When I watch a movie, there are times when I am overcome by the atmosphere of the movie, so if the movie really appeals to me, my feelings may not come back to reality for a while.

What make you nervous?

EIJI: I am not good at simply deciding what to do on the spot or taking tests. Therefore, I am not good at talking with people. It is because I think about what will happen to their feelings.

Finally how do you relax?

EIJI: I watch movies!



Favorite food: Chicken, Sweets
Favorite song: Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
Favorite season: Autumn
Most recent book read: Jojo, manga by Hirohiko Araki
Place you want to go before you die: England
Recommended spot for those visiting Korea: Megabox! The popcorn at this movie theatre is delicious!
Recommended spot for those visiting Japan: Kyoto


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