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January Blues_Eiji Fukui (@insta_eiji)

This is the coldest winter ever! All we want to do is hibernate and watch movies... However, when Japanese photographer Sora Kusaka (@sorrrr_k) invited us out to hang with fashion model Eiji Fukui (@insta_eiji) we couldn't pass that up. Turns out that Eiji is also a cinephile too! In this interview, the 22-year-old model reveals his favorite theatre popcorn and his method on how to beat the January blues.

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Simply Fun ft. Goom Is Watching You & Yoonki Yoo

A new generation of Korean fashion designers educated overseas are making waves in the fashion world. Goom Is Watching You (@goomiswatchingyou) & Yoonki Yoon (@ifyouwant_y) are both breakout stars from the Menswear track at Central Saint Martins this year. Styled by MUTZINE 02 collaborator Chad Burton, this shoot captures the straightforward yet delightfully inventive spirit of their graduate collections!

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