Far Sight: Morph Model_Na Jaeyoung

Model newcomer NA JAEYOUNG (@na___c) has set his sights beyond the Korean market. In this interview the Blindness muse shares his strategy for getting noticed and some of his favorite things!

Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Photos Kang Mingyu


Na Jaeyoung, 25

Favorite Food: Army Stew
Favorite Drink: Coke
Favorite Song: Arctic Monkeys - No. 1 Party Anthem
Instagram handle meaning: Na ssi was my nickname growing up
Role Model: When I was younger it was Kim Won Joong, these days I look up to some European models
Favorite place to hangout: Itaewon & Hongdae but usually I stay home during my time off 
Most recent book read: A history book about western civilization
Place you want to go before you die: Jeju Island
Recommended spot for those visiting Korea: Jeju's Seongsan Ilchulbong


Hello! Please introduce yourself to your readers!
Jaeyoung: Hello! My name is na Jaeyoung, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Jeju Island.

When did you come to Seoul?
Jaeyoung: It’s been five years since I moved to Seoul. When I was in high-school my friends told me about a magazine called Cracker Your Wardrobe. I was really inspired by the people that were featured in the magazine, so that’s why I decided to major in Clothing & Textile at a university in Seoul. 

How did you become a model?
Jaeyoung: Last year an upperclassman in college suggested that I should try modeling so I met with an agency. The agency recommended I get some training first so I enrolled in a modeling academy. While I was attending the academy I was suddenly approached by Blindness. I had my runway debut with them for their Hera Seoul Fashion Week FW16 season.

If you weren’t modeling right now...
Jaeyoung: I would be finishing my last year of college and then getting a job at a fashion company. 


You have this unique look among Korean male models at the moment. Can you tell us more about it?
Jaeyoung: I realized that if I should stand out from other models, all with handsome faces and short hair, that I should change my look. A model’s mood and style is important for designers so I researched by looking through a lot of foreign magazines and European fashion shows. The movie Singstreet about British schoolboys starting a rock-band inspired me as well. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, those eras, were all inspiring. So I chose a glam look and decided to do it with my friends — such as LEE DAEHEE (@goodaeheeday). We didn’t have an assurance that it’d work at Seoul Fashion Week, that we’d get cast for shows, but it did. I also chose this look primarily for the overseas market. 

You wear makeup often now as part of your look. Did you wear it before?
Jaeyoung: I didn’t even think about wearing makeup before. I started wearing it after I decided to change my look. I don’t mind. I do my makeup myself and I learn by watching the makeup artists at shoots. I ask them about the products they’re using and practice at home. 


What is different about Morph from other agencies in Korea?
Jaeyoung: Other agencies tend to primarily focus on pushing their models for commercial and acting gigs. Morph's focus is strictly fashion oriented. They push their models for lookbook and magazine editorials.

So you don’t have an interest in pursuing a career in entertainment?
Jaeyoung: I don’t have an interest at all. If I had some interest my hair wouldn’t be this long. For commercial success in Korea you’d need to have short hair. 

What are your dream runways?
Jaeyoung: First, Raf Simons because they haven’t used an asian model before. Second, Gucci because I chose my long hair to suit them. Lastly, Dior because they usually choose skinny models so I think I'd be a good fit. 


Thanks to Morph Management for allowing us to meet, shoot, and interview Na Jaeyoung!