Sticky Notes: DTSQ Live in London


Every time we came across DTSQ stickers all over the streets of Hongdae and Itaewon we thought they referred to a clothing brand or skate shop. Well we weren't too far off as we discovered that DTSQ is actually a punk band. DTSQ debuted in 2014 with the dance-punk single D-Punk and released their first EP in 2015. The trio is now on embarking on a European festival circuit which means that Sara Amroussi Gilissen was able to catch them in London. This gallery takes us through some very unique pre-show rituals and the raw energy of their live show. We sincerely recommend catching them live and we're looking forward to a full-length release!


Assorted characters, including the Kakao Friend Con

time for a cuppa?
repping Thisisneverthat

set list selections.
we love Ding Dong Ditch!


Preshow rituals:
Balancing objects on the drummer's head

we spot a pattern...

DTSQ delivered a really energetic set!

DTSQ is currently on a european tour!
FOllow them on Facebook for their latest updates.

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