A Day in a Life: Fashion Photographer Han Yoo Soo

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a fashion photographer? Here’s the inside scoop of the daily life of Han Yoo Soo (@aju_ys), an emerging fashion photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. From what he makes for lunch to what kind of camera he uses during photoshoots, Han Yoo Soo exclusively shares every itty bitty detail with MUTZINE.

Words & Photos Han Yoo Soo, Editor Chaereen Pak, Art Sam Cello

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10:00 AM

I usually wake up around 10 every morning.


11:00 AM

After washing up and getting ready to go out, I edit my work from the day before.
I post the photos once I finish editing, and/or send them to my clients.

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12:00 PM

I eat lunch at home at noon. I usually eat soup or jjigae. I like to listen to music while I cook.
My current favorite song is Zico’s I am you, you are me.

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1:00 PM

I leave the house at 1 to go take photos. On days when I have regular street style work, I head to Sinsa or Hongdae.
When I have personal work or brand work, the location depends.

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03:00 PM

When I take a break in the middle, I like to go to a cafe to drink coffee. My favorite drink at a coffee shop is Americano.
Oh, and this is my trusty Nikon D750 that I use for shoots.


06:00 PM

After work, I either eat dinner with whoever I worked with that day (who could be a model) or eat dinner at home.

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08:00 PM

After dinner, I wash up and like to take a break. I like to watch movies, dramas, or variety shows on my phone.
Right now, I recommend you to watch A Violent Prosecutor. So good. And, shameless plug: find me on Instagram! @AJU_YS

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10:00 PM

After a nice break, I edit the new work from that day.

1:00 AM

Time to go to sleep!