Off Duty: Esteem Model_Ahn Seung Joon


Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Interpretation Monica Yum, Media Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Ana Fernandez, Jung Hyun Suk, Edits  Sam Cello, Production Assistance Edge Han


Hello! Can you please introduce yourself? What do you do, how old are you and where are you from?
Seung Joon: Hello, my name is Ahn Seung Joon. I’m currently a model and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Seoul.

Did you want to be a model since you were young? 
Seung Joon: I had dreams and have been given opportunities. Since middle school, I had vague dreams. But I didn’t have confidence then, it didn't work out. I passed time like that until high school, I saw my peers going into modeling, singing and going into different fields. After seeing them, I felt that I should do something before I end up full of regret. That’s how it all started. When I first started out working, I really liked to work. But lately I’ve been thinking that this is the age where I should have fun but instead I rushed into working. 

What is the unique characteristic of Esteem models?
Seung Joon:
Compared to other agencies, I feel that ESteem models have a lot of range in talent. Also, even though there are a lot of ESteem models and managers, we all get along well. As if we’re a cohesive whole? I think we have a great energy going on. 

What’s the best experience you’ve had while working? 
Seung Joon: I like that I can make money! Also, when I started modeling, I began to learn more about fashion and I think that’s the best thing. 

If you didn’t do modeling, what would you be doing? 
Seung Joon: I think I would like to be a creator. It can be furniture or clothing or something else. When I see other people making things, I feel attracted to it and think it’s amazing!

So you'd like to study design?
Seung Joon: Yes, I think so!


How do you prepare for your shoots or runway shows? 
Seung Joon: I don’t really have any special routine... (laughs) Before a runway show, I control how much I eat out and that's really difficult. When I am walking home I try to think like I’m on walking on the runway. I also often look at last season's runway videos to see how I walked. I review over the shows I walked in to see which ones I did well in and which ones I didn’t do so well in.  




How do you like to spend your free time?
Seung Joon: After I finish working and if I have some free time, I spend a lot of that time at home. On days I don’t have work, I like to meet up with friends. I often go over to Sinsa or Itaewon and meet up with hyungs and noonas in cafes or at their offices and just catch up. And sometimes we end up eating a meal and drinking.

If you were to go overseas, what would be the first thing you would want to do? 
Seung Joon: I want to make new friends. I enjoy meeting new people. It’s fun! And making personal connections feels like it gives value to my life. 

Could you tell us about your style? What influences your style the most? 
Seung Joon: Lately, all my troubles have been about my style (laughs). Before, I used to like bright streetwear but somehow I ended up really liking a classic style. So these days I've been mixing classic clothes with things like a streetwear jacket. I look through SNS or look books and snapchats. I also browse through online clothing shops. That’s how I find my style and what I like. 

What are your top 3 favorite spots in Seoul?
Seung Joon: In Itaewon, I come to Ways of Seeing Cafe frequently. When I'm in Sangsu it's I Need Factory and Su:py.



Do you have anyone you admire?
Seung Joon: Out of the models, I would pick Jo Minho (@dhoalsh) . I would also pick my high school math teacher. It’s because he’s such a good person. His good moral image gave me a good impression. Although my math teacher is much older, he resembles Tony Stark. I liked his overall attitude. 

What are you listening to these days?
Seung Joon: I listen to a lot of bands and musicians, it's an eclectic mix. Glen Check, Tahiti, and The Kings of Convenience are a few. I like a lot of musicians but at the same time I forget a lot of the names (laughs).

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Seung Joon: These days, I’m more of a late night owl. After I finish work, I either play games, do work that I haven’t been able to get to, or clean, and then fall asleep.

What's the future like?
Seung Joon: As I’ve now worked for two years as a model in Korea, it feels like I’ve found my niche but I want to do better. When I go overseas, I want to show an improved image and do a variety of activities. I see myself as a positive person, so when I’m having a hard time or a good time, I’m going to live by being able to adjust to various situations. 

Thank you Esteem Models for granting us the opportunity to interview Ahn Seung Joon.
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