#DAILYLOOK IRL: Park Jihoon @Coke3Cake

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We chat with trendsetting Instagrammers to learn more about their world beyond what we see on their photo grids. Park Jihoon, known as @coke3cake, joined the SNS platform on a whim and to date has gained nearly 12,000 followers. The notoriety has helped him obtain a collaboration with DoubleLovers and a feature in Bling magazine. In this interview, Jihoon among many other things, introduces us to his very own fashion label, ANOTHERYOUTH.

Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Interpretation Anna Choi, Banner Ana Fernandez & Sam Cello, Media @coke3cake

Hello, please introduce yourself!
Hello, my name is Park Jihoon. I recently I launched my own fashion brand called ANOTHERYOUTH.

It doesn’t seem like you’ve been on Instagram very long. When did you join? And why?
Originally, my friends weren’t using Instagram, but they started so I decided to make an account as well. At first, I didn’t even know how to use it, but I found it great for searching for photos. As I started figuring it out it was very fun. Getting a lot of likes was fun, too. At first it started out as something for my personal use, or as a way to communicate with my friends, but very recently, around a couple months ago, it became more of a project.

How has your style changed since starting the Instagram account?
At first, I was wearing a bunch of different styles. Like workwear. I was between different styles while on Instagram.

Have you been inspired by other Instagram accounts?
I've been inspired by some of the people who followed me, and I followed them back. I do look at some Japanese actors and some brands, too.

Is there a country’s fashion that really inspires you?
I like England/London style and Japanese style. I’ve never been to England, but I went to Japan. Although shopping is fun there, I think people watching is more fun. Some of the people wear things that really stick out or whatever they really want and I think that’s really cool.

Who is always ahead of the trends?
Sen Mitsuji. And another Japanese actor I can’t remember… Shouji?

Shota Matsuda?
Yeah, him! And Heidi Slimane who works with Saint Laurent is also someone who I look up to a lot.

When you’re taking photos, how do you decide on a place? 
I don’t really go to places purposely to take photos, but I really dislike taking photos in a messy environment.

How many photos do you take, and how many actually get published?
While I don’t use just any photo I take, I’m not someone who takes a whole ton of photos either. I’ll take several, and if I think some of them are okay, then I’ll move on. However, I don’t put up more than one photo a day. And I don’t really upload any photos on the weekend either. I just don’t really like putting up too many photos—it’s not my style.

What apps do you use to edit your photos? 
The color filters and settings in the Instagram app are done really well, so it helps one get the desired colors and brightness. I’ve found the settings that I really like so I try to match that everytime I upload a picture.

What are your favorite foreign brands? 
Currently, with my taste right now probably Saint Laurent. I’ve been looking at him ever since he worked with Dior and I think his emotion is very cool. Within Japanese brands, I really like Yohji Yamamoto. 

What kind of things do you own from them?
I really like collecting shoes. Lately, I’ve been collecting Saint Laurent shoes. Truthfully, for clothes, I usually buy vintage. For shoes, I really try to buy quality shoes so I own around six or seven pairs of Saint Laurent shoes. Rather than sneakers, I mostly own boots—whether they are motorcycle boots or with straps. If I really want to wear comfortable shoes I will wear Converse or Vans. I used to collect Prada shoes, but I cleared all those out.

Do you have a special way you organize your clothes?
Well, I put the pants with pants, t-shirts with t-shirts. I organize by season as well, so I divide fall from spring clothes, organize and package my winter clothes… I also put the short sleeves before the long. I think I picked up some of the habits from working at H&M. Not really color coordination, but putting pants with pants and organizing by length.

If there’s one piece you can add to your closet, what would you add?
There’s so many! There’s a rider jacket in suede from Saint Laurent. It probably goes for around $7000 to $8,000? $10,000? Around there.

What inspired you to start your own brand?
Initially, the work I wanted to do was to make or show off clothes for people to see. But I hesitated slightly, a little because of fear and because designing wasn’t my major. I got started with this much later, so there was a lot of hesitation, but I realized before it’s too late I should just go for it.

How long did it take to prepare the brand? 
Although it hasn’t been long since I started ANOTHERYOUTH, I prepared for around a year to a year and half. Even before I moved to Seoul I had been thinking about this. I think about details alot, like for the long sleeve t-shirts that came out, we also tested and made sure the shape wouldn’t change in the washer or dryer. We really pay attention to the spacing between the letters as well.

Who are you designing for? 
This might be a little funny to say, but I hope that the buyers wear the clothes in their own way.

What percentage of your budget goes towards shopping for new clothes?
Truthfully, while I can’t buy the $10,000 jacket I was talking about before, if I really want to buy something I will generally buy it. If I want to buy something, and I think it’s worth it, I’ll give up on a different piece and buy that instead. If I think I can wear it for a long time I will generally buy it. 


You gained a lot of followers recently. What has changed?
I’ve gotten DMs from some interesting people. A little while ago, a sunglasses brand called DoubleLovers contacted me about collaborating with ANOTHERYOUTH. So it has been beneficial.

What is something you have been deeply interested in recently?
Recently, probably my brand. I think about it before I sleep and when I wake up. I’m doing almost everything myself. So I’m always checking on it when I wake up. 

Obligatory question, what’s your ideal type like?
Wouldn’t I have to say my girlfriend? (laughs) More than a pretty face, I think it’s important that she has her own personality and individuality. I think it’s very cool when someone has their own way of thinking.


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