We chat with trendsetting Instagrammers to learn more about their world. Kim Jina (@siestazin) or Jina-kkura, is a charming soon to be 22 year-old. The ex-Joyrich ambassador's happy-go-lucky demeanor has helped her gain an international following that now reaches 27,000. In this exclusive interview for MUTZINE, Jina walks us through her top three favorite outfits of the season, where she loves to grab lunch, and more!

Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Translations Monica Yum, Media Kim Jina & Gissella Ramirez-Valle


Hello! Introduce yourself please. What’s your name, age, hometown and what do you do?
Jina: Hello, my name is Kim Jina. I’m currently 21, but I’ll be 22 in a few days. My hometown is in Gwangju. Everyone calls me Jina-kkura, a nickname that comes from Rilakkuma.


When did you decide to start sharing dailylook photos on a public platform? 
Jina: In junior high I would always use Cyworld to upload my photos. Then I used Facebook before Instagram!


What makes Instagram special?
Jina: When I use Facebook, my pictures sometimes don’t show up on my timeline, so it's kind of annoying. On Instagram, you can see all your photos at once and I think that’s what makes it special!


What percentage of your followers do you think are from other countries? 
Jina: I used to work at the Joyrich flagship store, which is how I gained a lot of foreign followers. Joyrich is popular in East Asian countries such as China and Japan so I tend to have more followers from there. 

What kind of special opportunities have you been given ever since joining Instagram and accumulating so many followers?
Jina: I think I’ve had special opportunities like the fact that I’m doing an interview like this and shooting for brands.



What’s a typical day like for you? 
 I just eat, play, and sleep. If there’s an interesting and informative exhibition going on, I sometimes go visit one. 

You seem to really like to visit new cafes and try good food! What’s one place that you really like to visit these days?
Jina: These days, I’ve been frequenting Itaewon. In Itaewon, there’s a pizza place called PIPE and it’s really good! There’s also a nearby place that I frequent quite often, they sell salmon and yookhye (raw slices of beef) and it’s really delicious. I think I go there almost every day. 



How would you describe your own style? 
Jina: I don’t know what kind of style I have. I think that no matter how I dress, people just think that it’s Jina-kku’s style. I just wear clothes that I like.  

Where do you gather style influences from? 
Jina: I gather influences from fashion show collection photos and lookbook photos, but I don’t have any particular instance where I think, “Oh, I’m really getting inspired by this!”


What have you learned about yourself through becoming a popular Instagrammer? 
Since I have more opportunities to do photoshoots, I think I’ve become more confident in taking pictures. 

How long do you take to compose a single photo update? Do you feel pressure to impress? 
Jina: I’m the type to just take pictures and if it turns out well, I upload them immediately. I haven’t felt any pressure. 


What should be expect from you next? 
: I haven’t thought of anything specific, I just want to be able to do the things I want to accomplish in the mean time!


Describe your top three favorite outfits these days!
 Lately, corduroy jackets are popular. There was also a craze over striped shirts. This outfit is made up of a striped shirt and a high-low skirt, with a side slit!


Jina: A comical looking clutch and a blue knit are the points of this outfit. There is no concept, I just wore these because I liked them. 


Jina: This is a style that I normally wear. I wear ripped jeans so much that it has become my trademark. My Timberlands and my Gosha Rubchinski scarf! I really like accessories. 


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