Seoul Fashion Week SS17: KYE


Digital identities come to life at KYE.

Words Ann Ravinther, Photos via Seoul Fashion Week


KATHLEEN HANHEE KYE premiered her Spring/Summer 2017 collection at VFILES first. But at Seoul Fashion Week, we found new additions.

Cyber language and digital communication was transformed into something tangible on her runway. Silhouettes were retro-style but the colour palette used and sentiments of the collection were forward-thinking. This season, she wanted to highlight the apparent disparity of the way we portray ourselves on social media and the reality of our lives — all this while creating highly wearable clothes. 

The show started with beat-boxing which transitioned into music. A cobalt blue dress opened the runway. The second look was a star-print crop top styled with pants that featured holes at the side of the hips, with KYE’s styling signature of fishnets peeking out. Stars were also seen as patches on pocket jackets, highlighting the fact that we all secretly want to be an internet star and claim fame. Another look was a burnt orange silk crop top and midi skirt set. The piece was beaded to form emojis like “100” and the Korean flag. KYE also used emojis in the form of a bejewelled alien earring, which was a collaboration with Korean accessories brand, Vintage Hollywood. The focus on emojis further shows how we replace our words with emoticons, rather than verbally communicating. The emojis appeared again as laser-print on tops and pants. There was a great variation in KYE’s garments. One model sports a camouflage jacket while the other walks out in a pink tie-dye shirt. Our personal favourite was the PVC lace jacket, worn over a black mesh dress.

KYE’s collection is as varied and colorful as emojis are. Each piece came together unifying her message. Some literal like the words “sorry not sorry” embroidered on the sleeves of a chilli red jumpsuit that signified our unapologetic hate-love relationship with social media. While others, like the mesh orange t-shirt were there just for fun.