In two of our favourite districts to spend our wons, Hongdae and Itaewon, we spoke to floor staff on their take of the stores they work at, as well as, reviewed some of these flagships and boutiques. With that, we are pleased to present a wonderfully curated list of places for you to shop, shop and SHOP! —We'll share more MUTZINE 01 content on a weekly basis. Trust that it looks better in print though! Very limited copies of MUTZINE 01: IDOL are still available. Get yours and MUTZINE 02 before it's too late!

Words Ann Ravinther, Photos Ana Fernandez



“American retro punk feel - that’s NEON MOONIGHT for me. I started working here since last December because I'm usually interested in clothes or toys and pretty things. NEON MOONIGHT embodies all of that so I wanted to work here. People that normally frequent the store are women in their teens or twenties. These days we have a lot of Chinese and Japanese tourists stopping by as well. For the Fall/Winter season, I would recommend our plaid shirt and jacket and also the stripe knit! These things never go out of style – yet they’re the highlight of this season. I’m absolutely in love with punk rock style!” —- SUNNY, NEON MOONIGHT SHOP STAFF

NEON MOON (@neon__moon), Seogyo-dong 337-5



“If I had to sum up ADER ERROR into three simple words, it would be: different, mysterious, and young. In general, it’s a very dynamic brand. The customers that come to our stores are usually  in their late teens to early twenties. I first started working at ADER Error three months ago. What led me to work here are the bright colors, creative vision, and stark originality that the brand has. I’m sure that our Fall/Winter concept will not just attract our existing customers but also those in their late twenties as well!” — GILL HYUN, ADER ERROR SHOP STAFF

ADER ERROR (@ader_error), Hannam-dong 732-60 (recently moved to a bigger space!: Seogyodong 413-1)



“87MM is where anyone is allowed to find refuge. It’s has a clean aesthetic and it has a great atmosphere for customers to walk around. You can shop and chill! We get shoppers in their late teens to shoppers in their mid-twenties. Of course, we also get older customers every now and then. Whenever I see them, I realize that our clothes can be worn by anyone regardless of age. I wanted to work at 87MM after thinking about what I truly enjoy doing. Since middle school I had an interest in clothes so the staff at clothing stores were my role models. Now that I’m an adult, I’m fulfilling my dream every day. I’ve been working for 87MM for a little over two years. Each season the selections at 87MM retains a constant character rather than following specific trends.” — DAHYE, 87MM SHOP STAFF

87MM (@87mm_official) Seogyo-dong 358-80



“White tone walls and shelves, Oi Oi’s store itself is very simple. But, the clothes on display and the interior accessories are very colorful. I haven’t worked at Oi Oi for a long time - it’s only been around 3 weeks. I decided to apply to work here when I saw a post on Instagram saying that they were recruiting weekend staff. It’s a brand that I always loved and wore, so I applied! The customers we get are usually women in their twenties and thirties but these days I see more teenagers! Because our clothes are free size as well as oversized, we get a lot of male customers, too! They’re normally here to buy presents for their girlfriends. This Fall/Winter, our line’s concept is “52league”, where each model looks as if they are going to school and each has his or her own unique personality. I love the kitschy color schemes as that really brings out the details!” — MINJI, OIOI SHOP STAFF

OiOi (@oioikorea) Seogyo-dong 337-27



Mannequins in the latest drops hail you as you enter ODD GALLERY. My Chemical Romance’s Planetary Go! plays in the backdrop. Shoppers present at the store were very much in their early 20s, snapping pictures as they had their eyes on the vivid graphic tees, logo sweatshirts and quirky phone cases that were on display. Do note that there is only one dressing room available, so be patient but don’t forget to take a changing room mirror selfie! The shopping space is carefully curated, with a small number of domestic brands like Andersson Bell, Dim E Cres, ESC Studio, amongst others. You’d find these brands in six separate spaces, each with a distinct interior theme. The result is ode to ODD’s name — a gallery!

ODD GALLERY (@odd_gallery) Seogyo-dong 358-35



MIXXMIX is right above ODD Gallery - just go up via the staircase on the side. As you make your way up, blacklight envelopes part of the walls on your side. You’d be greeted by a large white, art deco sculpture. An uncanny resemblance to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. The only twist is that this Jesus is carrying the MixxMix logo in pink neon lights. You will find a variety of staple pieces that you can build your wardrobe on, especially since they’re available in a variety of colour tones. Teenage girls frequent the store on the daily. One thing to take a look at is MixxMix’s exclusive line going under the name of Heart Club. Skirts have heart shaped buckles and bowling shirts have tiny heart shaped buttons — how cute is that?

MIXXMIX (@mixxmix_store) Seogyo-dong 358-149



CHUU is a multi-story fashion building complete with a girly touch. Start at B1, the lowest floor, and you will find Chuu’s lingerie, sleepwear and sportswear. Walk up the steps to the first floor and you’d find their basics women’s collection featuring  Esther Loves You’s bunnies. The cosmetics section is on the same floor and we especially adore their innovative false lashes stand because you can try them  on! On their 2nd floor, there are clothes catering for a more refined clientele. Walking around Chuu, you’ll find aesthetically pleasing picture booths – so strike a pose and hashtag your OOTD!

CHUU (@chuu_official) Seogyo-dong 334-10



Fancy looking at art installations ? Just step into GENTLE MONSTER. In various parts of their 2nd Seoul flagship in Hongdae, you’d find installations set up to captivate and tell a different narrative in each room – a definite to put on your Snapchat story. Their artistic projects take a different form every 25 days, so you’ll be sure to see something new the next month. The store is divided into three floors where you’ll find a multitude of glasses ranging from uber cool sunglasses to practical spectacles. No matter your age, you’d be equally awed by the intricate displays. Full-length mirrors are available almost everywhere, so you can see just how good you rock those shades. With Gentle Monster’s extensive selection, we’re sure you’ll find THE frames for your face!

GENTLEMONSTER (@gentlemonster) Seogyo-dong 404-5