Presented in collaboration with artist CHO GISEOK.

Words Anujin Natsagdorj, Photos Noelia Carballo


"I have been presenting Low Classic in various places like Seoul Fashion Week, Choong-ahng High School and Horim Art Center. 

I decided to try something a little different this time. I felt that it's a shame that the long and hard work to prepare for the collection ends within only 10 minutes... Gradually the way the audience or consumers are observing the collection became my main concern.

I read an article saying that the food eaten on the airplane tastes bad because the constant noise on the plane interferes with the sense of taste. This made me think if that is also the case for fashion shows. Does the music interfere the visual activity and the atmosphere? Does it hinder the emotional response?

In comparison, the pieces hanging in the museum have the power to make the audience very quiet.

In that context, Tino Sehgal was an artist who inspired the process of developing the presentation this season. He describes his works as Constructed Situations, which only exist in the memory of the audience for a temporary time. For me, savoring the tension between art and the audience is more valuable than just flipping through lookbook photos and judging the commercial success or failure of a collection."

DESIGNER_ LEE MYOUNG SIN (@leemyoungsin)


The setting took on an ambiguous feel that was a challenge to interpret. Artist CHO GISEOK (@chogiseok), created a show that integrated the dynamics of fashion shows with the representative nature of art exhibits and museums. 

This season, LOW CLASSIC (@lowclassic_seoul) aimed to not only showcase clothing. The sculptures and installations along with the expressions of the models represented the season's theme of JARDIN SECRET, meaning our inner private identities. The mellow toned but exaggerated outfits hinted to the models' private selves. Finely tuned combinations of textiles and patterns highlighted a distorted yet classically flavored touch to the visuals of the fashion concept.

Composition wise, the models were placed in leisurely and simple poses embracing their settings. They lied on cushions and stood blank. The comfortable and neutral mood of the gallery installation advocated a feeling of seclusion and protection. The silent environment allowed visitors to dwell and come to terms with their own thoughts.