Double Trouble: DIY STYLE ft. Q2HAN


MUTZINE met up with Qjin and Qwon (@q2han), the twin sisters behind YouTube channel Q2HAN, for a collaborative photoshoot at local bar and live music venue, Channel1969. In proper DIY style, the girls were invited to style themselves! We also talk to them about their beginnings on YouTube, style inspirations, and future plans.

Interview Malaurie Périès
Photography Victoria Shin and Gissella Ramirez-Valle
Styling Qjin and Qwon
Assistant Kelly Min and Daisy Tsang

Fashion by
AJO Studio,
Clut Studio,
Like a Virgin,
Suecomma Bonnie,
Supercomma B


Hello, please introduce yourselves to our readers!
Q2han: Hi! Our names are Qwon & Qjin. We were born a minute apart in South Korea but raised in Oklahoma City. We are both content creators for our YouTube channel called Q2HAN

What are two words you would use to describe each other?
Qwon: Meticulous and a Girlboss
Qjin: Persistent and tech savvy


When and why did you start your YouTube channel? 
Q2Han: We started our YouTube channel right after we finished our fashion design major at FIDM in Los Angeles. After our graduation, we had difficult time finding what we wanted to do, and it was difficult to stand out when there are so many other talented individuals out there. We saw YouTube as a platform to get noticed and let the world recognize the talent we have. We thought that if Michelle Phan could show make-up tutorials, why couldn’t we show tutorials about how to draft patterns and sew your own clothing? It started out as more of a hobby, but now it’s our full-time job and we are so blessed to have something that we are so passionate about as our job.

What is your favorite DIY video that you’ve made so far? 
Q2Han: Our favorite DIY is making the Balenciaga floral top from Black Pink's latest music video. We had so much fun making the top and it was our first time using elastic thread, which turned out quite nice!


What got you into fashion?
Q2Han: We went to high school in Canada and it was mandatory for 8th graders to take an elective course. Sewing class happened to be one of them. During our first sewing class, we made boxer shorts and surprisingly it was super fun! We both got graded A+ for our first project and since then we have taken sewing classes throughout high-school. The sewing class was a place where we built our technical skills, but what truly got us into fashion was magazines. We had this huge public library near our house and every day after school we’d go to the library to read magazines, such as US, People, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and so much more! Seeing what celebrities wore and the way models were styled in editorial shoots was so interesting and inspired us to experiment with our sense of style as well. 


Please describe your style!
Q2Han: Street style, chic, and unique.


How has K-fashion influenced your style?
Q2han: Our style has definitely changed ever since we moved back to Korea. K-Fashion is very sensitive to mainstream trends. If you see certain famous Korean celebrities or pop idols wearing an item in a drama or during their stage performances, chances are you will be seeing those items a lot on the streets. We try to balance out current trends with our own sense of style, but it’s hard to completely not get affected by the K-fashion trends. Also, our viewers love K-fashion so naturally our interests shift towards K-fashion!

Where do you find style inspiration?
Q2han: Most of our style inspiration comes from Instagram! We follow our favorite fashion bloggers and Korean online shops and they constantly update us with new looks, which helps us quickly get a sense of what’s in and out in fashion.

Can you explain your outfit selection during the shoot? 
Q2han: For the outfits we selected for the shoot, we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones to show different sides of ourselves. We challenged ourselves to create kitsch looks, which we think we pulled off not that badly. Once the outfit is put together, selecting accessories is not that difficult. We didn’t really give that much thought to it but just went with the flow!

File Jun 02, 2 52 19 PM copy.jpg

Which outfit is your favorite from the shoot?
Qwon: My favorite outfit from the shoot was definitely the two-piece denim by AJO. It was a bit out of my comfort zone because, although I love oversized pieces, I rarely wear them for both top and bottom since they tend to make me look short. However, the outfit was so comfortable and unique that it gave me more confidence to be myself during the shoot. 
Qjin: My favorite outfit was the two-piece outfit by Minjukim. I love everything that has to do with two piece sets because it’s every lazy person’s dream. Just throw on the two pieces and you’re ready to head out in the morning! 

File Jun 02, 2 33 33 PM.png

Did you discover any new brands during the shoot, and which was your favorite? 
Q2han: We discovered Clut Studio, Minjukim, and AJO. The clothing that stood out the most during the photoshoot were Clut Studio’s. Plaid is one of our favorite patterns, and it was interesting how many of their pieces were decorated with harness-type chain accessories.

Do you two have any plans to create your own brand?
Q2han: Creating a brand has always been at the back of our mind, but realistically it’s a very challenging goal, especially financially. However, we’re currently in the process of launching our own online select shop! We’re extremely excited about this, and can’t wait to launch and share it with our viewers.  


For more from this shoot, check out Q2HAN's video on YouTube for behind the scenes footage!
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