MUTZINE Academy I:

<The Hanbok>
May 2018

Want to become a fashion editor, art director or photographer? How about all the above!?

Here’s your chance to get all access to the industry and gain the knowledge and skills to get you where you want to be! 

By participating in MUTZINE ACADEMY I you'll receive:

1.Insider knowledge, training & experience in the Korean fashion industry!
2. Valuable international connections!
3.A spotlight page on WWW.MUTZINE.ME!
4.A chance to intern at Korea Fashion News
5.A certificate of Completion!


$500 usd for 16+ hours of instruction in 4 weekly sessions
max. ⑩ students
Saturdays: May 5 12-4pm ☼ May 12 12-4pm ☼ May 19 12-4pm+ ☼ May 26 12-4pm
Seoul, South Korea ➪ MUTZINE studio
✔ No previous experience or education required
Classes are conducted in English!
Must have a DSLR (or manual equivalent), laptop, Google account ☻ 

May 5: <The Essentials>
12:00 - 16:00

A roundtable lecture & discussion on the cultural value of fashion photography and related topics + An intensive photo class where you will learn to control aperture, shutter, ISO, lenses, and strobe.

May 12: <The Test Shoot, The Mood Board & More>
12:00 - 16:00

A guided studio session where you will apply the photo skills from Session 1 and learn to direct a MUTZINE 02 model to develop your own style! Ready to plan your own original production? There’s more than just mood boarding! Makeup, Art Direction, Styling… paperwork, we’ll walk you through it all! Planning for fashion editorial The Hanbok begins.

May 19: <The Editorial>
12:00 - 16:00+

Students will collaborate to produce an original fashion womanswear editorial The Hanbok with a The Youngbloods KR model using pieces from Golden Needle Hanbok. Professional styling and grooming assistance will be provided. This is where all your learned skills will come together!

May 26: <The A-Cuts>
12:00 - 16:00

Congratulations! You shot your first editorial! How does it feel? In this final session, you'll select your favorite photos, plus receive guidance on editing, retouching, layouts and how to publish your work. Your final work will be spotlighted on the Makers. section of the MUTZINE website. Also, if by this point you are already doing your own side project, this is a good time to get guidance on that as well!

X Makers.

  from MUTZINE 01 &lt;Cult Film&gt; by Kwon Tae Jun

from MUTZINE 01 <Cult Film> by Kwon Tae Jun


Gissella Ramirez-Valle _ Founder & Director of MUTZINE. Gissella works as a freelance producer, art director and stylist for Korean musical artists and entertainers. She is also an anthropologist and consultant of new media, youth culture and consumer trend research in South Korea since 2011.

Dr. Michael Hurt _ SSK Research Professor, University of Seoul. Michael is a visual sociologist and photographer specializing in documenting Seoul street fashion since 2003. He has previously led media and photography classes at Hongik University, Korea University, and Busan University of Foreign Studies. 

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