In celebration of the 2018 Seoul Zine Festival, we invite you to the first zine workshop! Together with illustrator @bunnybissoux, MUTZINE director, and visual artist @freakthedeer we will make a collaborative zine exploring the theme of IDENTITY. This will be a chance to learn the ins and outs of DIY publishing!
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Fees & Information:

10,000 w for workshop material fee! payable in cash at the start of the session.

☼ October 28 2018: 1 to 5pm ➪ Seoul Global Startup Center
✔ No previous experience or education required.
★ Workshop is conducted in English!
✎You will learn: Creative Storytelling, Image Curation, Editing, Collaging, Cut & Paste and Digital Layout Design, Printing, Binding techniques and more!

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Bunny Bissoux _ Illustrator & Zine Maker. Bunny is a freelance illustrator for clients worldwide, in addition to her work as a visual and conceptual artist exploring ideas of the self, popular culture, desire and obsession. Drawing, collecting, self documentation, zine-making and self publishing are all integral parts of her practice. Themes include: fanaticism, music, teenage angst, pro wrestling, nature, idols, sports, fantasy, consumerism, documentation, exploration, sexuality and romance.
Gissella Ramirez-Valle _ Founder & Director of MUTZINE. Gissella works as a freelance producer, art director and stylist for Korean musical artists and entertainers. She is also an anthropologist and consultant of new media, youth culture and consumer trend research in South Korea since 2011.
Jangthedeer_Illustrator & Visual Artist. Also known as @freakthedeer, she is an illustrator and visual artist who tells her personal experiences through visual expressions— she experiments with film photography, photo collating, handlettering and illustrative storytelling on the sentiments of life, pain, overcoming, and everything else in between.



Seoul Global Start-up Center
한강로 3가 1-1, 3층
Hangangro3ga 1-1 3F


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