Interested in deejaying? In these sessions led by @dj_bowlcut you'll be introduced to the faces & places key to Korea's electronic dance music culture, plus learn how to make your own live DJ set!

Fees & Information:

Payments will be made in person via cash or card to the Seoul Jazz Academy. Pricing is as follows:
100,000 w for workshop BEST!!!
10,000 w for lecture (free for workshop attendees!)
10,000 w for fieldtrip (free for workshop attendees!)

☼ August 9 2018: Workshop ➪ Seoul Jazz Academy
☼ August 10 2018: Lecture & Fieldtrip ➪ Seoul Jazz Academy + TBA

✔ No previous experience or education required
★ Sessions are conducted in English!
►You will need: USB stick for the deejaying workshop
♪ Advanced deejaying instruction & practice time available at student's request


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Payments will be processed at the beginning of each session at the 2nd floor of SJA!

August 9 2018
Deejaying Workshop <2pm to 7pm>

No AUX cord deejays here! In this 6 hour intensive group workshop led by DJ Bowlcut you'll learn to mix a variety of popular genres from K-Pop, K-Hip-Hop to House, Techno & more. By the end of the session you'll be able to:1.Source music from digital & analogue platforms. 2.Use essential software and hardware. 3. Understand the variety of genres and their structures. 4. Identify preferences & build playlists. 5. Practice beatmatching, pitch control, looping, EQ control. 6. Make a live mix! Workshop participants are also invited to come party with us at bar 232 Seoul later in the evening!!

August 10 2018
A Brief History: Korean Electronic Dance Music  <3pm to 5pm>

In this lecture led by DJ Bowlcut & special guests you'll learn about how electronic dance music & culture began in South Korea and how it evolved into today's form.

August 10 2018:
Daytripping: Digging & Open Deck <5pm to 9pm>

Diggin’ through crates in Seoul! In this fieldtrip DJ Bowlcut will guide you to the best vinyl stores in the heart of Seoul. Together we'll also visit Gwangjang Vintage Market & grab some traditional snacks. In the evening, we'll visit Paradisco to play the vinyls collected over drink! (On us!) Participants will also receive complimentary entry to a party hosted by DJ Bowlcut & friends later in the evening. :)

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Ju Hwan You (DJ Bowlcut) _ Deejay & Producer. DJ Bowlcut's love for music saw him develop from an award-winning turntablist to one of Seoul’s most prominent champions of energetic Lo-Fi House, Leftfield, Techno and Bass music. He is the chief music director at Seoul Community Radio, the leading platform for new electronic talent in South Korea. He also leads the three-person collective Hazed & Confucius whose mission is to bring more Korean eardrums to Leftfield beat genres. @dj_bowlcut



Seoul Jazz Academy (SJA) is South Korea’s leading institute of contemporary music, founded in 1995. The institute holds varied titles including, being the first applied music institution in Korea and the one and only institute affiliated with Berklee College of Music in South Korea.

The vision of the school is to create a place for contemporary musicians to study their craft with dignity and to holistically introduce all the possibilities of the music profession so that students may export music to the world. What is beyond quality education, star-studded instructors and fully furnished facilities, is SJA’s unrelenting effort to establish a broad graduates network for mutual continous development.

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