Trendspotting: Seoul Fashion Week Street Style, PT. 2


In part two of our report on Seoul Fashion Week street style, K-trend forecaster Joie Reinstein (@kimchi_creative) breaks down the styling details, colors, and accessories that make each outfit. To see part one, check out our previous post


Words and Photos Joie Reinstein




Canadian Tuxedo 2017

People often ask, how do I do denim on denim? Is denim on denim acceptable? Of course it is if done correctly and these girls give us some prime examples of the 2017 version of the trend. The key is to make sure the denim casts match and then are paired with a shirt or a skirt that will break it up, giving it less of a “monotonous” feel. This group of girls coordinated in the morning to get a quadruple denim on denim look. 


Fringe Benefits

A little bit of cowboy, but with a whole lot of attitude, some attendees proudly wore fringe adorned garments. Whether they be more direct western fringe or a modern update, this was a strong and fun look. This trend will continue to grow as it reaches the high street. 


One Legging It

First spotted last year on a couple of brave attendees who chopped off one leg of their jeans, the one legged asymmetrical look is now going strong. The style can be achieved by pulling up one leg of your pants old school hip hop mode or having the now popular half pants/ half shorts thingy. Bonus points if you layer it over some fishnets, the IT item this season. 


Ripped to Shreds

Shredding and cutting has been underway since last season, but this March it went full Edward Scissorhands with girls cutting out entire panels, holes and chunks out of their skirts and jeans. The ultimate is having a shorn flap hanging off the bottom of the hem. 


Seek and Reveal

The new erogenous zones are the thigh and the waist as proven by corset-like belts giving a nice nip and tuck as well as garters and fishnets that draw attention to the thigh area. Perhaps the most exciting item is the “garter skirt” as coined by Michael Hurt and documented on his Instagram Kuraeji. 


Trompe L’Oeil Layering

Combining different lengths and fabrics give a “do a second take” factor to jackets and dresses for men and women. 


Ultra Flare Leg

Super exaggerated wide leg pants are trending for women this season. In denim or cotton they are often high-waisted and tapered with a crease in the front. 




Layered Gauze Skirt

Gauze skirt or slips can be had a bargain in Seoul right now (often 10000 won) but the goal is to layer it under or over your dress, jeans or shirt to achieve ultimate fashionistadom. 


Not Boring Black Suit

Who said the little black suit for men had to be boring? Guys give it a good fashion tweak by adding belts, cool accessories and keeping the silhouette slim. One guy even went one step further with his double-breasted jumpsuit suit. 


Not Your Average Overalls

Overalls never really go out of style but this season they came back with more interesting shapes such as bell bottom legs and beautiful colors such as creamy neutrals and lilacs. 


Track Suits

These track suits are not for basics. Luxe fabrics such as velour and satin and bold colors and prints make these street snap worthy. 



Black and White and Red

Last season there was black and red. This season there is black, white and red. Often a statement in itself, many attendees based their entire outfit around this fashion color “point”, sometimes adding in some polka dots to give it even more oomph. 


Cherry Blossom Boys

Cherry Blossom season is always on the tail of Seoul Fashion Week in March, so it is tradition for people to get out their pastels. Pink was a big color for men this season, and we were really enjoying these soft blossom shades and prints. 


Highligher Hues

Neon is back! This time it’s not just a little pop here or there toned down with some neutral… no, this is no holds barred highlighter hues worn on garments and accessories preferably all at once. 


Yellow isn’t always the easiest color to get right, but these kids showed us how it’s done with some head to toe sunny looks. Extra points to the full-on yellow couple look action. 



Anything Goes

Get your surreal on. The youth of Seoul are brilliant at inventing new trends by turning everyday objects into the new fashion IT item. They are also early adopters and will incorporate accessories often only seen in editorials. 

Belt: the new Choker

The item gracing everyone’s neck this season was no longer the humble choker. That’s far too 2016. This year you’ve gotta use your belt: canvas or leather is fine, just make sure you have some strap hanging down. 


Blinged Out

Bling is back! But only if used sparingly by spangling a bag, shoes or some pins on the lapel. The more rhinestones the better! 


Buckle Up

Audacious buckles adorning shoes and even earrings were trending this season. Makes sense for this hardware heavy fashion moment we are having. 



Ok, you might as well visit the hardware store for your accessories this season. Along with the buckles and the bling, chains are a big thing right now whether they be an accoutrement to your wallet, draped around your neck or even as a backpack strap? 


Hair, the New Fashion Real Estate

Because more is more in Seoul, you can’t leave the hair out as a place to display more fashion cunning! Some girls got clever by braiding in color ribbons or flowers. One girl even took the unconventional-use-of-belt trend to her locks by using it as a pony tail holder. Inspo anyone? Forecasters predict that more hair adornment using makeup and accessories is still to come. 


High Shine

High shine metallics complement many of the looks this season. A patent metallic silver or rose gold bag or shoe can instantly kick an outfit up a notch adding edge and elegance. 


After the sport shoe monopoly by Adidas in Seoul, it looks like Vans are creeping back in. Expect to see them on a foot near you this summer. 


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