To The End: AM Model_Patrick Kim


Meet Patrick Kim, AM Model Mgmt's newest model recruit.
Much like Taemin & Ilyeon, through this interview, we learn that there's always more than meets the eye.

Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle & Hailey Hyein Kang, Translation Chaereen Pak, Photography Haqi Cahya


Hello! Please introduce yourself. How old are you, where are you from?
Patrick: My name is Patrick. I am 22-years-old and my hometown is Yeouido, Seoul.

When and why  did you sign with AM models? What's your thoughts on the industry now that you've seen it from the inside?
I signed with AM about three months ago.  It was originally not my dream to be a model, but I always wanted to do this kind of job. I like everybody watching me. It’s pretty simple. I just started to work as a model. So I don’t know much about the industry. But, what I know is that outside of Korea, male models can work as models for as long as they can. In Korea, what I’ve heard is two to three years maximum. So, we always need to find second jobs. Some models, their final goal is to become actors or celebrities. There are few who want to be models to the end. Korea likes guys who are very flower boy. I’m not like that. Looking pretty? That’s what Koreans like, and those flower boy models end up becoming actors or whatever. I think that these days there are more people who think of modeling as just a step towards another goal, than people who consider modeling as a professional job and want to be models to the end.

What’s the unique characteristic of AM modeling agency?
Patrick: From other models, I’ve heard that there is a serious hierarchy system. But at AM, that doesn’t exist. I’m the newest, but all the models at AM, all my brothers, are so good to me. Also, each model at AM has his own unique strong point, which I think is great. We’re all brothers and sisters and I love everyone at AM so much. Most importantly, the CEO of AM is just like a friend to us. Instead of “Ms. something” or whatnot, I call her noona because we’re that close. Nowadays, I meet her more than three times a week to chat and have tea or walk around a shopping mall. She’s very warm.

Do you have role models in the modeling world?
Patrick: Sangwoo Kim (@sangwo0), I love him so much. Dae Na (@nadaehyuk)  is another Korean model working overseas that I love as well.

What about outside of modeling?
Patrick: Outside of modeling, I am very interested in the Seabin Project. Basically, it’s a trash can for the ocean that’s like a vacuum cleaner. When you turn it on and put it on seawater, it vacuums up everything from oil to trash. It’s very good for the Earth’s health. I love whoever the inventor of the Seabin Project is.

If you weren’t in this industry what do you think you would you be doing instead?
Patrick: I was originally going to enter the military on December 29th to fulfill my service duties. But, I decided to become a model right beforehand and ended up postponing my enlistment. So, if I wasn’t in the modeling industry right now, I would be in hell (laughs).

Since you're new, do you get nervous before a modeling job?
Patrick: I’m not the type of person who feels pressure when shooting. I always enjoy what I’m doing, so there’s nothing that I fear about modeling.

Describe your personal style!
Patrick: I love two styles. One, minimalism that is masculine but gentle. Second, I like gothic darkwear. I have a designer friend who designs gothic inspired clothing (@vlades_official). So, whenever I wear darkwear, I think of him. I generally like simple styles.

Do you check magazines or blogs for inspiration?
Patrick: This is kind of funny, but I’m not really into fashion magazines because I know what I want to wear and I don’t need help with it. Instead, I like watching something like BBC because I’m more interested in how the world is running right now (laughs).

Do you have any favorite designers?
Patrick: I love Raf Simons. He was a designer of minimalistic menswear and then went on to work for Dior. He entered a whole new world, the world of haute couture, and did well in it. From what I’ve heard, the two worlds he experienced were very, very different. He took the risk to jump out of one thing and enter another; that’s why I like him. I like his overall appearance and personal fashion as well.

What are the Top 3 favorite places that you like to hang out at?
Patrick: First, cafes. I love drinking espresso. When I meet my friends, a cafe is the first place we go. Second, movie theaters. I love watching movies. I recently watched The Big Short. All about the economic crisis in the US back in 2008, mortgage loans, and all that. It’s a good movie, so one-third of the time that I meet up with friends, we go watch movies. Third, clubs. I’m not really into hooking up with girls, but I love dancing and drinking booze. That's how I have fun. 

Any particular neighborhood  in Seoul you recommend visitors to hit up?
Patrick: I’d like to recommend Hongdae first, in front of Hongik University. Lots of clubs, cafes, and entertainment. Second, Gangnam, definitely. There’s lots of clubs there too and lounge bars on rooftops. You can see the great sights of Seoul up there. Lastly, Yeouido. Finance, banking, accounting, all of that is in Yeouido. And that’s where I live… I want to meet you guys! (laughs)

What can you say about the rising popularity of Korean models overseas?
Patrick: I definitely think it’s a good thing. When I was young, more than 10 years ago, lots of people didn’t know about Korea. Nowadays, lots of people know about Korean fashion, culture, and celebrities. And for me, as a Korean model, I have better opportunities, a bigger gate, for working overseas.

Which are your most used phone applications?
Patrick: Basically first and foremost is KakaoTalk. Everyone uses it. If you aren’t using it in Korea, you aren’t Korean (laughs). Second, my map application. This is funny. I’m Korean, but I don’t know how to get anywhere because I didn’t live in Korea for a long time. That’s why this app is important for me. Third, a food delivery app. I don’t know about cities in the US, but in England, Singapore, and Thailand, all restaurants close at night. In Korea though, they’re open 24/7! This is heaven. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 or 4 AM. If you’re hungry, you can call up a delivery.

These days are you studying a new subject?
 Nothing serious, but nowadays, I’m actually looking deep into politics (laughs). Stock markets, that kind of stuff. It’s far from what I do, but I’m having fun studying this subject. I haven’t bought stocks before, but I think I will soon.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Patrick: Hmm, let me think… (laughs) Not really, not really. I like myself.

What did you have for breakfast today?
Patrick: I haven’t eaten yet. I’m on a deadly diet right now. I’m really starving right now.

To finalize this interview, what’s your dream?
Patrick: I want to work overseas!

Thanks to AM Model Mgmt for allowing us to meet, shoot, and interview Patrick Kim!