Sup Park: BTS Interview at DBYD NYFW Men's SS16


"Where’s Sup? What’s the status on Sup?" Park Hyeongseop was set to walk for Korean contemporary menswear brand DBYD, and he had just missed makeup and rehearsal. After another hour of the backstage staff waiting and wondering, in walked Hyeongseop, thirty minutes before the show was scheduled to start. He was late not because of poor work ethic, but because he had just wrapped up walking for New York label, Public School. Calm and collected without a sign of fatigue despite the heavy schedule, Hyeongseop got his hair and makeup done and got all caught up with the show’s logistics. During a lull in activity backstage, the MUTZINE team seized the opportunity to approach the rising supermodel.


Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Photos by Soo Kei


Hi, Hyeongseop!  I know it's right before show time, but is it okay to do a quick interview?
Hyeongseop: Sure, it's okay. But my English isn't very good. 

It sounds good to me! I contacted some of your international fan-sites and they gave me a list of great questions. I'll pick a few to ask.
Hyeongseop: I have international fans? How many? Show me please!

(I show Hyeongseop the webpages on mobile. He lifts his arms in the air in a victorious fashion and smiles.)

You just walked Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, but I heard that your dream has been to work in New York.  Now that you’re finally making your debut at NYFWM, how does it feel?
Hyeongseop: It feels… good! Great! Really good.

Besides DBYD, for who are you walking this week?
Hyeongseop: Honestly, I don’t remember the names … but there are a few more!

What do you want to do most during your NYC visit?
Hyeongseop: Well, I just signed a contract with Wilhemina and plan to stay and work in New York City long term. I’m taking my time with sightseeing. 

Oh, I see. Congratulations! Is there a model that you admire?
Hyeongseop: My favorite model is Sean O’Pry but these days I’m also a fan of Canadian model Simon Nessman.

They're motioning for you to line up, so it looks like our time is up. Thank you so much!
Hyeongseop: Nice to meet you. See you next time.

(Hyeongseop returns after a few moments.)

Ah... I know what I really want to do here. I want an American girlfriend!


Sup walked ten runway shows at NYFWM! Make sure you visit his fan-sites for a full overview.
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