Seoul Street Update: 7/4


This week's Seoul fashion highlights with insight by street-style photographer Daniel Luna. 

Words & Photos Daniel Luna (@luna.street)


The crop-top is a staple in Seoul street fashion.

I recently came across an article showcasing street-style pictures from the 1990s in Korea. A lot of the fits worn in those images are almost indiscernible from the preferred style of today, where crop-tops are usually seen paired with mid or high waisted baggy pants. I like this outfit for acknowledging the current 90s trend as well as keeping it contemporary with the Paco Rabanne leggings and the chromed Off-White bag. 


In Korea, baggy and high-ankled pants never seem to go out of fashion.


Perhaps the pertinence of ankle length pants can be traced back to a lineage of more traditional-wear being loose and easy to move in. These days the baggy-cropped-pant-look is also in line with the popular 90's aesthetic. Another noticeable trend seems to be white seams on dark clothing. I also really love seeing the traditional office button-up incorporated with street-style.


Techwear is huge in Seoul.


If one were to explain techwear it would have to be a cross of military and cybergoth. But what does that mean?  Expect to see lots of extra compartments, straps, zippers, hooks and loops on bags, pants, and vests that make it look like the wearer is set to go on a mission. AKA, ask your mom to pull out the cargo pants you once wore 15 years ago.  Also big are the hanging bandanas, chain wallets, and big silver loops, (think current Tblisi street inspo). Techwear usually goes well with Y-3 apparel.