Seoul Street Update: 7/25


This week's Seoul fashion highlights with insight by street-style photographer Daniel Luna. 

Words & Photos Daniel Luna (@luna.street)


The key to this look are the Suicoke x Palm Angels slides. This summer, slides have played a huge role in streetwear and are pretty much a must have item for every streetwear enthusiast. Despite her head to toe grails, the look, starting with the muted 5 panel hat from Supreme, resonates an effortlessly cool demeanor.





Though it is always exciting to see people stepping out in hot pieces or latest drops, it is also refreshing to see a well crafted outfit that stands outside of streetwear. This couple found what works well for them, with mostly vintage ensembles, and their keen eye for shape, color and texture comes through. 




Perhaps you have seen it around by now. Shirts sewn directly down the center with two colliding patterns on each half, pants that are full length on one leg but shorts on the other, or asymmetrical skirt hems. It can seem a bit jarring when first encountered but the 50/50 trend could be speaking to our generation's attention deficit or perhaps even to the severe contrasting mismatches found in the world around us.