Seoul Street Update: 7/14


This week's Seoul fashion highlights with insight by street-style photographer Daniel Luna. 

Words & Photos Daniel Luna (@luna.street)


This couple’s combined fashion touches on a few hot trends. Outside of the brands Noizy Company, Bathing Ape, This Is Never That, neon yellow/green shirts can be spotted frequently in Seoul streetwear, as well as the paisley pattern. The patchwork PVC pockets on their matching Last 20th Century Kidz are this couple's "point", or outfit highlight. Or perhaps its their inked arms, another rising Seoul street-style staple.

The Couple Look


Red Flavor


From the shoes to the bag the bold color motif is carried through each piece. Working in monochrome or in schemes of few colors is an interesting niche trend lately. They key is to use fresh & fruity colors. The patch pockets on the front fit the shape of the pants well and the white seams are a nice detail.




Oversized dragon shirts were spotted throughout the major men’s fashion weeks in Europe this past month. I think by the end of summer, incorporating these type of early 2000's magician/stoner button-ups will be essential. Protip: You can cop them easily at Gwangjang Vintage Market! I am guessing these will be paired with Dickies or nylon tear-aways, Oakley sunglasses, and skate shoes or anti-aesthetic, all black, work sneakers.