LOW CLASSIC Spring/Summer 2018 collection review.

Words Lauren Sloan, Media Seoul Fashion Week


White sheets, wooden floors, and the voices of nature brought the fashion world to a bliss at LOW CLASSIC’s Spring/Summer 2018 show. After returning from a two year hiatus, the respected brand returned to Seoul Fashion Week with one of the freshest and most simplistic shows of the season. 

For its latest collection, LOW CLASSIC progressed on the theme of the “asian traveler;” a concept developed after LOW CLASSIC’s designer, LEE MYUNGSHIN, felt inspired on a month long excursion to Europe by the thriving asian culture in the western world. Focusing on cultural roots and integration, LEE made sure to design a collection that would exemplify the beauty and sophistication of asian existence in Europe.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection maintained a sophisticated color palette of yellows, creams, browns, and blacks, which seemed to mimic the asian elements of bamboo, ginger, red beans, sesame, and soy milk on materials of silk, chiffon, and leather. Classic pieces, such as slip dresses, trench coats, and blouses were the focus of Lee’s designs this season. Stealing the show was, YOON YOUNG BAE, who freed the nipple in a sheer chiffon blouse, highlighting LOWCLASSIC’s concept as a brand of simplicity and femininity and upholding her title as one of South Korea’s biggest models today.

LOW CLASSIC’s portrayal of the “asian traveler” was a delicate, yet dazzling show full of women empowerment and asian influence. Rather than flashy pieces and a loud show, LOWCLASSIC stuck to its theme of the coexistence of modern minimalism and class, bestowing us with a feeling of tranquility and demonstrating the ability for fashion risks to be taken with elegance.