KYE Spring/Summer 2018 collection review.

Words Lauren Sloan, Media Seoul Fashion Week


Defining itself as a brand that makes its own fashion statements, KYE has unfailingly returned for the Spring/Summer 2018 season with another collection, providing innovative and extraordinary fashion concepts. Titled “The Fate Is In Your Hand,” the brand's theme this year revolved around the stars and destiny in relation to one’s own choices. With this approach in mind, one can easily make a connection to Shakespeare and his extensive theories, discussing the alliance of stars and fate.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves” is one of the first Shakespearean quotes that comes to mind after witnessing KYE’s newest collection. KYE’s designer, Kathleen Kye, incorporated an array of distinct star designs and details along with skillfully placed logos of the brand, constructing a bridge towards Shakespearean thought. “The Fate Is In Your Hand” takes historical, distinguished cognitions and fuses them with contemporary beliefs, creating a very appealing theory for the youth. This theme brings ideas of self-empowerment, dreams, and success into the collection by establishing a very approachable and idealistic outlook towards the pieces in the collection.

A luminescent vibe was brought to the runway through cooler-toned purples, red, yellows, and blues on lustrous silks, polished denims, and intricate lace. The collection was primarily comprised of sweaters, jackets, and dresses with KYE’s unique spin of fun, humorous, and optimistic elements. The brand’s use of bold colors and patterns brought its distinguished endeavors to life and preserved its iconic fashion designs.

KYE’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection not only brought innovation to fashion, but also reintroduced history through the application of Shakespeare’s acclaimed thinking, testing fashion limits and intellects around the world. So, is the fate in your hands?