Seoul Fashion Week SS17: Youser


YOUSER brings sex, rave, & street fashion photography culture to the catwalk.

Words Ann Ravinther, Photos via Seoul Fashion Week


It’s summer and hormones are raging. Yellow, black, and red are designer LEE MOOYEOL's apparent colour of sex. The symbolism of “69” cannot be escaped as it was clearly emblazoned on (@dontcallmedog's) yellow sweatshirt. Porn-printed pieces were repeatedly spotted down the runway. In one look it was on a polo shirt and boxer shorts, hidden beneath a brown trench coat worn by JIN PARK (@_jinpark). In another, it was on an oversized tee. A male model wearing a black sweatshirt walks out in brown open-toe sandals. Sleeves falling to his knees and a repeated print of an “FBI Warning” were seen like you’ve stumbled upon something forbidden. The production of pornography is illegal in South Korea but that stops nobody from consuming it. A female model has a vintage issue of Playboy magazine stuffed by the side of a mattress bag that she’s carrying down the runway — ready to be opened and used. Shunga, erotic japanese art, were discreetly printed on a black jumper. Another model struts in his underwear, shielded only by a red coat. Scandalous. 

The music thumps as if it’s 3AM in a club and you’re not ready to leave. You’re surrounded by the sickest rave kids in staples that could fill a wardrobe yet all have their own character. A variety of pieces were seen: denim coats, camouflage parkas, soft velvet green tees, silk yellow shirts, thick stripe long-sleeves. Colour blocking remains prevalent. An eyecatcher was a skirt in camo print with one side being longer and the other significantly shorter. It was all in the details, with a cap that had a strap that hung low, repeatedly stating the word “Motto”. The show ended with a nostalgic 80’s disco song, a genre currently trending with the club kids of Seoul. The moment has passed. “We had sex and it’s goodbye for now.” But, memories were captured. A Canon-style camera strap was seen by the neck of a dress and as a shoe buckle. There’s a saying in Korean: “Photos are the only thing left behind” and in our seats were a set of three Kodax pictures. 

Another thing that YOUSER left behind for us was a box of 10 premium latex condoms. No glove, no love. That’s THE REAL MOTION



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