Seoul Fashion Week SS17: Jarret

The Little Prince made a special appearance on JARRET's runway this season.

Text Ann Ravinther, Photos Michael Hurt & Seoul Fashion Week


A strong wind whooshed through and a projection of sand dunes lit up the room, set as the backdrop for JARRET’s runway. It was as if we had landed in Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s masterpiece The Little Prince. The classic French novel tells a fable about adventure, imagination and friendship. In the story, The Little Prince meets a Rose. “You are just as beautiful as sunlight,” he says the first time he meets her. 

We found a tinted blue rose of our own in our seats and throughout the show, roses were seen in various portrayals. They were seen as light scribbles on a cut-out crepe silk dress — the first look of the collection. In another, they were on cotton hoodies ranging from red to mint green. Drawing again from the fictional book, designer LEE JIYEON took elements of the pilot crash landing in the desert and the concept of flight. She brought it to life by making the clothes move as if a breeze sweeps through. We noticed multiple ribbons and fringes flowing by as the models walk down the runway. 

The creative team at JARRET continued to play with subtle deconstruction through “unfinished” garments. These were seen in the double line on tracksuit pants that came out midway, silk jackets with streams of fabric sticking out of it and a light blue coat with frayed back detailing. LEE JIYEON showed that she could do both edgy and classic with tailored garments. A female model sported a pink coral short suit and a male model donned a shiny red suit with the jacket being a bit broader than usual. Woven stripes were seen in both directions: vertically and diagonally. Accessories came in the form of collaborations: Nike Airs and Rational Object for shoes, while the tasselled frame sunglasses were by Stephane+Christian. 

The star of the show was LEE JIYEON’s Little Prince who made an appearance in a sheer pink scarf and pastel blue ensemble. This sealed the collection as a metamorphosis of sorts from childhood to adulthood.