Honestly we're still in a daze after covering Hera Seoul Fashion Week live for 8 consecutive days. There's several memory cards jam packed with photographs of models, designers, celebrities and spectators left to sort through. Nevertheless, to wrap-up the runway coverage, MUTZINE's Editor-In-Chief, Gissella, will tell you about a few of her favorite trends!

Words Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Photos Michael Hurt & Eny Bat, Banner Sam Cello


Peek-A-Boo, I See You!

men in sheer tops

pushBUTTON set up KIM DOJIN (@iamdojin) with a gold threaded silk top that enhanced his sun-kissed skin which topped off the Havana inspired look.

Metrocity gave LEE CHULWOO (@lcdoubleu) a feminine flare as he casually walked  down the runway sporting a choker and shirt with ruffle embellishments.

Resurrection's punk inspired collection had a host of bold looks which included this striped top made for JANG KIYONG (@juanxui).

Jarret's Snow White inspired collection also had a choice of delicate menswear looks. BYEON WOO SEOK (@byeonwooseok) wore an abstract apple printed top.



why not both?

Big Park's whimsical collection had several oversized tops, which included this assymetrical printed workwear shirt. 

KYE's "Hate" collection proclaimed that negative feelings may be overpowering us. HAN SUNGJAE  (@dontcallmeadog) wears a letterman jacket that seems split on the idea.

R.SHEMISTE had one of the most memorable Seoul Fashion Week presentations. Inspired by Japanese art and fashion, the collection included a grungey take on the reversible trench.

JKOO departed from traditional textiles. The spring collection included a monochrome full lace set, which SHON MINHO (@shonminho) wore well.




The Studio K sent JUNE JUN YOUNG (@pimp_ass_) out with some stylish leisure-wear. His strategically placed tattoo is a highlight, along with the insignia printed swim shorts and pajama top.

beyond closet had a similar idea for how BANG TAEUN (@b_taeeun) wore the sienna towel-suit from the "Nomantic" collection.



bougie loungewear

beyond closet's heartbreak boys went on holiday and brought along adequate loungewear, JOHWAN (@amazingledom) wears a "Nomantic" printed bathrobe.

Rocket x Lunch concluded their parade with IRENE KIM  (@ireneisgood). She loved the silk night robe so much that she even regrammed this photo on her instagram! :)

Cres. E Dim. contracted JUNG HOYEON (@hoooooyeony) to invite us all, via a pajama set, to the playful yet morbid collection, titled "Cirque."

Ordinary People perfected the leisure aesthetic. PARK SUNGJIN (@teriyakipapi) couldn't look any comfier. 



so much pink & blue

The Studio K's accountants marched down donning baby blue and pink denim layers. KIM SEUNGHEE (@kimseungheeee) sports one of the  looks. There's a matching one tailored for men too!

Low Classic also participated in the sub-trend of shoulder exposure. This sophisticated and very adult look is worn by Song Haein  (@sssssun_in) .

Metrocity's fun and flirty show evoked the 70's flower child. PARK HYORIN (@pharin_226) skipped down the runway in a strapless, yet girlish one-piece clutching a bear and handbag.

KYE's  "Hate" showed us that the feelings can be expressed through unexpected colors. AHN AREUM (@ ahnahr) sports a serpent coordinate with matching sunglasses.



last season's was model Stephanie Lee

White flatform sandals were everywhere!

Metrocity had the best interpretation of the season's staple footwear.


"THat's alot of looks!"

a selection of full shows for your viewing pleasure

BAEMIN x KYE was a collaborative collection.
If you didn't know, BAEMIN is actually a food delivery app...
The collection featured hangul prints and tongue-in-cheek slogans.
It certainly didn't hurt that most of Korea's top models were present too.
The soundtrack tied it all together as DJ Plastic Kid performed some live mixing which opened with XIN SEHA's track "맞닿음". 


R.Shemiste derives its name from the word alchemist.
With each collection, designers Won Jiyeon and Lee Suho, attempt to transform ordinary elements into something special.
Their Sukajan jacket revival encapsulates the 'east meets west' concept, via Japanese art, history, and fashion.


Gayeon Lee's  Seoul Fashion Week debut collection wasn't like anything else seen or heard this season.
Rich textiles, colors, volumes, and curves...
Details of ruching, knots, and musical oversized beading made the presentation a sublime experience.


The MUTZINE team attended 45 shows. It's all a blur!
But after some reflection, the Heich Es Heich show is still engrained in our mind.
The sharp contrasts, bold stripes, neons, married with sportswear and pop-culture were just so K-pop!