K-Fashion Spring/Summer 2019 Styling Handbook! #1


Boys and girls, if you’re wondering how to style yourself this Spring and Summer, don’t look any further! We assembled a trends guide using data directly from Seoul Fashion Week to inspire your outfits. Study these eight trends and you’ll definitely be the best dressed for every occasion.

Words Hadjer Hamadi, Collages Xiaowen Yan


Jardin floral

An elevated return to romanticism through floral prints and dresses.

MOON LEE, BIG PARK, THE CENTAUR and YCH each showed very different version of the floral dress. Which ones your’ favorite?

How to wear: When choosing your dress, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong in color or fabric choice! Even styling is all up to you, from layering a cape on top or pairing neon tights, Just dress up and enjoy!


Against the rain

Why not be trendy and well-protected at the same time ?

SOLID HOMME, MUNN, FAN YOUNG, and THE GREATEST prove to be a step ahead by showcasing a variety of waterproof jackets and parkas that are guaranteed to be the highlight of monsoon season.

Styling tip: Try different fabrics for different looks; tartan print to emphasize an aristocratic style. Light, long and voluminous satin-like jackets aid in better protection. Or wearing a mini drawstring parka for just your head is a good call too!


Minimal White

The head-to-toe white look is key for Spring/Summer 2019!

HAN CHU LEE, BEYOND CLOSET, DOZOH and MUNN used white pieces for different looks; from a chic glitter shirt paired with a utility jogger pant for a sporty look, to a pleated silk skirt for a greater lightness.

Keep in mind: Increase your visibility during a night walk with a stunning reflective details shirt. Add some colored accessories and you will really shine!


Always on Check

A timeless pattern and another print of the season.

SONGZIO HOMME, BY.D BY, UL KIN and PUSHBUTTON had distinctive visions of the check by showcasing the print various styles: tartan, Prince de Galles, madras, and vichy.

OOTD check: For an outstanding look, try a vivid blue and black tartan shirt for a darker style, or a white and different shades of red check print dress for a more classic appeal.



Tie Dye is a key driver within this season.

R.SHEMISTE, YOUSER and THE GREATEST introduced tie dye looks using a warm palette, inspired by thermal imaging.

Tie dye tips: Opt for a blend of watercolors, ink spots and volcanic lava styles to reflect the colors of the summer. A loose cut garment will keep you refreshed and feeling amazing.


Denim Mania

Who said denim on denim isn’t okay?

HAN CHU LEE, NOHANT, CHARMS and FROMMARK styled contrast-stitch denim jackets with a new fashion staple, the utility pant.

Denim style tips: Stay comfy and highly stylish with a new palette of denim blue over a neutral color item or a more extravagant orange shirt.


Puffed sleeves

Voluminous and puff sleeves are a statement must have!

DEW E DEW E, DAILY MIRROR, BIG PARK and VIBRATE all showed puffed sleeves through different pieces that define the romanticism and sweetness expected for spring and summer.

Tips to wear: When choosing your outfit, opt for whatever fabrics you want but add gathered wrists to create a puff-sleeve effect.


Ruffles lover

When it doubt, ruffles out!

TOFIT, UL KIN, DEW E DEW E and LANG LU all proved to be ruffle manics by each delivering different twists. From comfy to sporty, casual to feminine, there are no limits to the ruffle.

How to wear: The color and fabric choice is yours, but opt for frill sleeves or unstructured ruffles to design your own look. For an outstanding outfit, choose items with mixed fabrics, combining satin and a check print pattern to create a unique dress!


Check back soon as we share 8 more Spring/Summer 2019 trends!