HAN CHUL LEE Fall/Winter 2018 collection review.

Words Lauren Sloan,  Photos Seoul Fashion Week


Beginning his line of menswear in only 2014, designer HAN CHUL LEE officially returned with a beautiful new season regarded as the return of the silhouette in menswear. Known for his visionary and innovative concepts, HAN CHUL LEE surprisingly debuted his new collection with no adherence to a particular concept or theme, focusing only on “romantic fitting.”

The show began with a sexy, cool vibe through the initial tune “Lucy” by Korean rock band, WETTER. Titled “The Romantic Equipment,” the collection echoed the period of Romanticism through a mix of pea coats, trench coats, blazers, and denim jackets, all displaying elegantly structured frames and fits that accentuated the primacy of an individual. The classic outerwear pieces were styled over fitted turtlenecks, constructing a clean canvas to develop a fitted framework accordingly.

Timeless menswear classics continued as OHHYUK and CIFIKA’s eerie track “Momom” flowed onto the runway, introducing checkered, flannel patterns into the collection that brought some edge to the sophistication of the collection. The color palette of HAN CHUL LEE’s new season encompassed blues, reds, blacks, and a touch of browns, yet all maintained underlying cool tones.

To decorate the looks, the models wore velvet pointed-toe boots in either solid color or a color blocking design that echoed the collection’s color palette. Adding on, practically every look was styled with the same pearl-chain necklace that overlay the turtleneck. If the necklace was absent, the model would rock a tied garmen over their heads that would match the pieces worn by being constructed from the same material.

HAN CHUL LEE redesigned and reiterated classic pieces and elegant elements of styling to create a collection that echoed the time of Romanticism. LEE designed each piece with the idea of displaying one’s silhouette and styled each look to exhibit and continue this thought through layering and structure. Whether it is through his intricate concepts or simple designs, LEE continually brings his A-game to fashion.