Seoul Fashion Week FW19: D.GNAK


D.GNAK Fall/Winter 2019 collection review.

Words Hadjer Hamadi, Media Seoul Fashion Week


D.GNAK who already proved their value participating in Milan Fashion Week (F/W 2014 - S/S 2016) and London Fashion Week (S/S 2018- F/W 2018) returned to Seoul this season with the « Coexistence » collection, after a two-year break following their 10th anniversary. Designer KANG DONG JUN aimed to combine different cultures to create something beautiful that would move people’s heart. And he was successful.

The show’s opening video sequence declared « D.GNAK is back, D.GNAK is black. », D.GNAK’s main color was and is still black. Indeed, the collection is composed by achromatic colors that perfectly contrast with vivid colors details. The collection showcases a coexistence of different cultures, occidental and asian ones; a mix between an urban style with European tuxedo jackets and a more asian style with Hanbok-like overcoats.

The brand is here proud of their history and achievement. It’s already their 12th year and the number « 12 » is therefore on many of their t-shirts.