Relation by Lee Guno


Photographer LEE GUNO (@rawwstudios) is hosting his book launch exhibition RELATION at Heights.

Report by Ali B

  1. When did you begin preparing the book Relation? What is the books concept?
    Last year I went to a zine night and it started from there. I’ve always thought about Relationships. I wanted to interpret the relationships between people. Life’s moments are always in a subtle balance. You, I, and We are tied up in them all. The photos in the book show short, long and changing relationship from life to death.

  2. Why did you also prepare a cassette tape? 
    The book is already released and on sale at Tsutaya bookstores in Japan. When I brought the book to Korea, I wanted to listen to other people’s thought about Relationships. I wanted music to accompany the images so I asked 8 musicians to contribute tracks. The reason I used cassette tapes is that a CD or MP3 feel disposable (they lose meaning after one or two listens) but by replaying a cassette the meaning persists.

  3. What project is coming next?
    Relationships are a sub-theme of Death. Everything loses meaning once it’s dead. This first work is part of a trilogy. The upcoming installments will focus on the relationships, not between humans but between other things.

    Relation runs from May 04 (Sat) to May 24 (Fri) at the Heights store, 1F, 395-142 Seogyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul.