KoreanFashion-Winter Style-MUTZINE

Hello! It's been a record shattering winter in Seoul. It's colder than the North Pole! There are still a few weeks of winter left, so here's a style guide to get you through the final leap and into spring. — Whether you're flying solo or with a #squad, we've got your coordinates!

Art Ross Du, Words Gissella Ramirez-Valle




Flying solo? Hibernating? It's all good! Ship yourself in some Hi Fi Fnk  high-neck sweaters and Double Lovers tinted sunnies to remind you of the sun's warm glow. Lonely, dazed, infatuated? There's a photobooth effect filter to match your mood, try it next time and tag #MUTZINE!



Maybe they're just friends, but this pair is definitely sharing some Common Ground! Her 70's beatnick vibe compliments his affinity for 90's grunge through the mutually neat styling. The beret is OiOi, while the rest of her look can be assembled from what Mixxmix has to offer. Hi Fi Fnk channels Teen Spirit and cozy-but-not-lazy comfort through their oversized flannel and tailored wool slacks. Get with this formula for warmer days!!



#SQUADGOALS on your mind? Achieve peak coordination with items by Ader Error, AdulescentCres E. DimHi Fi FnkAnother Youth,& Mixxmix. Our advice to make it work is to think of a uniform color palette, have fun with lengths and layers,  play with textures, and don't forget the matching footwear. Now go forth and #SLAY!


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