MUTZINE Guide to: Summer Style


MUTZINE’s lead editor teamed up with fashion illustration wonder-kid, Ross Du, to assemble some outfits based on what the kids from Korea are wearing this summer. These coordinates are at your reach because most items are available to order online! Enjoy :)

Words & Styling Gissella Ramirez-Valle Art Ross Du



Fitting rooms make for great photo ops. There is no doubt that this is a couple if we go by their matching pink canvas sneakers. Although inspired by the grunge revival, they like to keep their aesthetic tidy. Their mixxmix jeans are cuffed and the artfully placed rips have minimal fraying or distress. Striped tees are a closet staple and she wears one well under a denim jacket, both from mixxmix. Her boy is sporting an inquisitive tee and snappy choker from Dim. E. Cres. We love it!



Sometimes we just need some alone time and these days the ideal spot to contemplate life is your local staircase. We like the twist on darkwear this fellow is sporting. He threw a baby pink bomber jacket from 13 Percent on top of a Lake On Fire thisisneverthat tee.  He is also not afraid to show some leg! A solid choice are black chinos. He mixes them with a fresh pair of white juun.j x adidas kicks with some statement socks from AderError. If he insists on keeping a tough exterior, the Big Bully sunglasses from gentlemonster do the trick.



This young lady is growing more and more impatient as the seconds tick by! We hope her friend picks her up soon. After all, they did agree to wear matching American Apparel pleated tennis skirts! She isn’t going to let the rays bring her down, so she wears an AderError cap for protection. She wears a rounded collar mixxmix tee and as far as accessories go, she keep things minimal. The pastel socks are also mixxmix and she carries a canvas Nohant Love City tote bag. Wonder what’s in there?  We’ll have more on that soon in an upcoming feature that takes a peek into the makeup bags of the girls in Seoul!