MUTZINE 01: JANG YOONG (@starry_space)


We spoke to rising fashion photographer JANG YOONG (@starry_space) back in Summer 2016 for MUTZINE 01. Riding on the recent wave of Korean creatives utilizing Instagram's reach, she was one of the first to make an international mark by contributing to AEVOE, GRAPE, KING KONGSUKEBAN and MUTZINE! While she's laying relatively low Berlin these days, we though to revisit and share our Seoul-side chat. 

Interview: Gissella Ramirez-Valle Photography: JANG YOONG


Please introduce yourself! 

YOONG: Hello, I’m photographer JANG YOONG.

How did you get into photography?

YOONG: I majored in photography and focused on fine arts before entering the fashion industry.

You’ve published work in a variety of international fashion publications. What was your big break?

YOONG: It’s true that I’ve worked with a lot of international indie magazines, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve been truly successful yet. However, if it’s a magazine that I really wanted to work with and I get to do an editorial shoot for them, that makes me really happy.

You’re in London right now. What do you hope to achieve there?

YOONG: At first, I just wanted to go on a trip to London! But, because I’ve been working with a lot of indie magazines based in the UK, I received a lot of calls. I was supposed to have a shoot here, but due to schedule conflicts I’m returning next year for more fun projects.


Do you think you have your own unique style? Is there a message you want to send through your photos?

YOONG: I don’t think I have a personal style, but I do think that I know exactly what I want. To be honest, I’m not someone who has a strong sense of self or confidence. But, because I have so many friends around me who are great and supportive, they’re always there to push me and motivate me.

Do you have a role model? Where do you find inspiration?

YOONG: I don’t have one. I’ve never considered “following the footsteps” of one specific person. I’m me and I love the fact that I’m Jang Yoong. And, there’s also the fact that I haven’t yet found someone whom I think gives me an enormous source of inspiration and influence. For inspiration, I like flipping through foreign magazines. I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of people out there doing a lot of crazy things. It’s a refreshing shock.

What is the Meaning behind your Instagram handle (@starry_space)?

YOONG: There actually isn’t much of a significant meaning. I’ve always liked words that relate to being sparkly and bright, and because my photography is my own work I wanted to create a name that describes my work as being sparkly and bright!

7 (1).jpg

What is your favorite shoot to date (2016)?

YOONG: My favorite shoot took place in the first half of this year with model Patrick. It was the first time where a group of people with the same goals and hearts worked together without any limits. The synergy was incredible. The results were amazing, and it was such a fun shoot.

Describe yourself in three words: starry, steady, loving         Favorite song: What If I Go by Mura Masa                                     Model you want to work with: Hugo Puvion                    
Camera: Konica Big Mini


JANG YOONG (@starry_space) has spent time in Berlin since this interview was first published in MUTZINE 01.

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