SFW 2018: Top Runway Trends


To cap off the coverage for Hera Seoul Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 we rounded up the top runway trends. You'll want to take notes!

Words Lauren Sloan, Media Seoul Fashion Week


Korean fashion can be ambiguously defined as a fusion of streetwear, classic pieces, and styles that challenge the standards of fashion. At Seoul Fashion Week, styles from around the world travel to South Korea to showcase, converse, and observe ensembles, which exhibit global cultural aspects, yet still hold a Korean twist. Designers range from ANTIMATTER to BLINDNESS to THE CENTAUR, unveiling the versatility Seoul Fashion Week has to offer. This SS18 season a spectrum of trends were demonstrated, anticipating audiences for what is to come for upcoming fashion.

Glistening materials and vivid colors were a universal theme throughout the runway at Dongdaemun Design Plaza for Spring/Summer 2018. Red appeared to be the breakout color of the season, distinguished throughout every collection; however, brilliant purples were also featured, striking the world with royal purple rain for the upcoming sunny season.

80’s fashion seemed to be making a comeback through not only the vibrant color palettes, but also the lustrous materials. Cindy Lauper would be so proud. Silk and sheens as smooth as ice were strongly prevalent on the runway, debuting a vast amount in shows such as FLEAMADONNA, LOW CLASSIC, and CHARM’S.

The ever so classy checkered pattern was an immense hit this FW17 season. So much so that the upcoming SS18 fashion season wanted a taste for itself. A sporty, yet edgy spin was developed to bring a fresh prospective to this classic fashion staple, appearing in THE STUDIO K, YOUSER, and R.SHEMISTE.

Sweetening each look were the prominent sleek and wet hair trends, which dominated the fashion world this season. pushBUTTON, NOHANT, THE CENTAUR, and RESURRECTION devised these hairstyles into tasteful execution, generating effortlessly smooth and cool visages we all wish to acquire.

To top it all off, perfecting each ensemble was the ultimate universal accessory: eyewear. Showcased in practically every show this year, eyewear left a strong impression this season. There was undeniable history presented through this accessory, referencing various movies, past trends, artworks, cultures, and so much more. While it has been said that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, eyeglasses are a mirror of the universe. 

Another year, another look for the fashion world. Seoul Fashion Week once again not only makes fashion history, but also restores and refreshes attributes of the past. Who knew the shiny walls of Dongdaemun Design Plaza would operate as a time machine, presenting us with a glimpse into the future and a look into the past?