KCON NY 2015: K-pop Idol Inspired Street Style!


Hello! This is MUTZINE's Founder and Editor, Gissella. Contrary to popular belief, my home base is in New Jersey. I attended KCON NY last weekend, armed with a DSLR, a 50mm lens, and the intent to capture some street style. I never actually took street fashion photos before, but after interviewing a few photographers like Teni Bakare, Chad Burton, Aaron Park, and receiving submissions from Elizabeth Royal, I've been inspired to try it too.

Words and photos Gissella Ramirez-Valle


KCON NY's daytime schedule of events were set up more like a block-party than a convention. There were food stalls, carnival games, and even a pop-up dj booth in addition to the tents that hosted the panels and workshops. The bright and sunny weather lent itself to the outdoor gathering. The first person that I photographed was a girl sporting an outfit based on SHINee's Married to the Music concept. I liked how she put together an outfit that was the perfect union between street and cosplay.

I hope that you guys enjoy these pre-concert snapshots from KCON NY 2015! The attendees in general were all so cute! From rocking idol staples like the Hood By Air brand to platform shoes, and blue hair, the K-pop influence in their style was clear. If only my skills weren't lacking, I would have taken and posted a bunch more photos! There's always next time though, so stay tuned! (You're welcome to submit photos like these from your local K-pop events!)