Inside the 2015 Styleshare Sunday Fleamarket


Last month the MUTZINE team spent 8 consecutive days at Dongdaemun Design Plaza documenting Hera Seoul Fashion Week from front to back. Just when we thought it was all over, that we were finally going to go home, and that we could finally eat and sleep, we caught wind of the StyleShare Sunday Fleamarket. A marketplace that had an assortment of trendy vendors! Read on for an exclusive roundup of the event! 

Words Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Photos Ana Fernandez & Gissella Ramirez-Valle


The StyleShare Sunday Fleamarket was held on October 21, 2015 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. StyleShare is a mobile fashion application, with a similar framework to Instagram, where fashionistas can share inspiration through dailylook photos. The fleamarket is an annual offline event that gathers the fashion community together.

There was a huge queue outside the hall and we managed to skip it thanks to our press credentials. Once inside the great big crowded hall, which somehow looked smaller than it did during the runway shows hosted there just a few days before, we ran into a few familiar faces. Firstly, we found Norusalon at her very own booth! She was selling her own second-hand and vintage garments. CamperGraphic, the artist behind Heich es Heich’s latest Star Wars capsule collection showcased at Seoul Fashion Week, was there selling posters, phone cases, and stickers. 




While browsing around and fighting off temptation to splurge, we bumped into photographers Alex Finch and Shotslugger Ray. Alex told us that he had attended last year’s event and that he was surprised at the expansion into a bigger venue and the massive turnout this year. The fleamarket was held at a much smaller cafe the year before and this year the queue outside measured to a three hour wait throughout the day. We hear that the total number of visitors surpassed 20,000! 

What’s responsible for the growth? Over the years Styleshare has continuously struck all of the right notes by recruiting a well-rounded assortment of both up-and-coming and established vendors. Impulse buyers had access to discounted goods from brands I Hate Monday, High CheeksLevarn, 13thMonth, and MIXMIXX. The OddGallery boutique which stocks popular streetwear brands AderError and Dim. E Cres.was also present, as well as skincare brand Dr. Jart, amongst many others.


If access to newest releases on sale wasn't enough of a draw, there was more! Fashion models have a cult celebrity following amongst Korean youth, and they were also part of the bill. A group of ESteem models all shared a booth where they sold their own lightly used clothing for very reasonable prices. They also peddled snacks and Kim Minjung promoted the Rolling Hamburger model collaboration accessory line, while Ahn Seung Joon sold handmade silver rings. Enterprising YG Kplus models Joo Woo Jae and Kim Pillsu were also present selling their own recently launched fashion brands, Faire La Siesta and Fineday Project

There aren't any exact figures as to how much of the three hour wait to enter the Styleshare Sunday Fleamarket was due to the chance to meet the fashion models in person, but we are sure their inclusion had an effect. It was a selfie frenzy inside the hall! It was a continuous flow of controlled chaos, similar to that witnessed outside the DDP during Seoul Fashion Week. Although the hall was congested and the models were swamped with selfie requests from fans, the scene remained orderly, as the models expertly maneuvered from phone to phone.


JUNG SUNG HOON (@jsunghoon)

LEE UISOO (@2uisoo)

JUNG HYUK (@_artistboy)

KIM EUN HAE (@eunhae0820) & AHN SEUNG JOON (@asjooon)

JOO WOO JAE's (@ophen28) (@siesta_official)


The Styleshare Sunday Fleamarket was a great followup to Seoul Fashion Week, as the excitement still lingered and those who couldn't make the exclusive shows could still enjoy a slice of the latest fashions. The pleasant atmosphere felt more than just a marketplace. We suggest including live music and food, and to convert the event into a festival. Overall, Styleshare has a good thing going and we are eagerly awaiting the next installment! 


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