I Love Sects: Inside Sects Shop Singapore


We managed to catch designers and founders of SECTS SHOP SINGAPORE (@sects_shop) and DEPRESSION (@depression_official) KENNY LIM (@kennydepression) and ANDREW LOH (@andrewdepression), during Seoul Fashion Week. The duo are at the forefront of the influence of Korean fashion in Singapore and we jumped at the chance to fire them a couple of questions on what they do and their favorite Korean street style brands. 

Interview Grace Khong, Photos Elissa Wong


First things first, tell us about yourselves:


We are KENNY LIM and ANDREW LOH, ex-advertising writer and art director respectively. We started DEPRESSION, a street-goth label in Singapore back in 2006 and opened our multi-label store — SECTS SHOP SINGAPORE (#SSS) in 2014. Next would be the launch of our sub-line “MAKE NOISE NOT WAR” (@makenoise.notwar) at the end of this year.


SECTS SHOP SINGAPORE is a men’s streetwear multi label store, carrying things that we like. That’s pretty much how we do things, but we do have a soft spot for Korean street fashion and labels that are anchored on subcultures like Goth, Punk, K-Pop, and Skater. We also like things that make you look fierce and mean, like a street warlord of sorts that you don’t want to mess with.


Have people questioned your brand name?

Definitely.  Well, naming is something we feel very strongly about and think is VERY important. We enjoy conceptualizing and creating new identities. It’s important that the name we choose gets a reaction out of people. People either get it, or they don’t.

SECTS SHOP is about collecting subculture fashion. Hence, SECTS represents different sections of fashion. There is the goth section, the retro section etc. Of course, it was deliberately made to sound like sex so it’ll be fun when you’re asking for directions to the store.


Why Korean streetstyle?

We admire Kpop, and we admire the K-Fashion eco-system. We like Korean street style because it’s LOUD and YOUNG. That’s exactly the style we like — nothing to be shy about, just bold fashion from the streets. Other cultures of street fashion tend to be more subtle and simple. Also, we only carry emerging labels, rather than the obviously hyped ones. And in Seoul, there are many up and coming labels waiting to be discovered.

MORE THAN DOPE, D-ANTIDOTE and OY Korea are some of your latest additions. Do you look out for brands that you feel will be easily accepted among Singaporeans, or simply brands that you like?

Seoul Fashion Week is the cool alternative to the big four fashion weeks of the West. This is why it really appeals to us. And since our shop specializes in emerging Korean brands, we enjoy returning every season to discover new labels. Currently we stock Drink Beer Save Water, YOUSER, MORE THAN DOPE, Chaos From Undermind, DbyD, Heta, OY, Master Number, Unplugged Museum, D-ANTIDOTE, 14 Studio, Antimatter and more.  Among our current brands list, D-ANTIDOTE and MAXXIJ are the sickest, and they’ve both taken the current retro sportswear trend to the next level.

Overall, as a progressive select shop and designers ourselves, we feel that it’s our responsibility to spot and introduce trends and brands to the Singapore audience. We shouldn’t have to wait for a trend/brand to become famous before we bring it to Singapore. In fact as a fashion insider, we should be the first ones to introduce the latest to our market, and hence, play a part in educating the consumers about fashion and the subcultures.


So I hear there’s a collaboration happening with YOUSER ...

YOUSER has approached us to create a YOUSER X SECTS t-shirt for their SS18 collection. It will be exclusively available at our store.

What other brands do you wish to work with in future?

Korean brands on our radar include CHARM’S, Baroque and Dozoh. Outside of Korea, we would be happy to collaborate with FILA, Kappa or Jansport. 

What do you think is the future of Korean fashion and Korean streetstyle in Singapore?

Korean street fashion is considered new and niche in Singapore. However, there is an increasing influence from the K-Wave as a whole, and more stores are beginning to introduce Korean brands to Singapore. The rise of Korean celebrities with international appeal is a major factor for the popularity of brands such as Gentle Monster (which recently opened a big store in Singapore), Charm’s and Andersson Bell among others. Now, for Korean street fashion, the only way is up.




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