#Dailylook IRL: Kim Kyuha @iv_voki.2887


We chat with trendsetting Instagrammers in order to learn more about their world beyond what we see on their profiles. First up is @iv_voki.2887, a barista and aspiring actor with over 19,000 followers and a recent feature in L'Officiel Hommes' Instylegram 100. He tells us about a few of his favorite things, as well as his secrets for #Dailylook photo success! 

Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle & Tira Lee, Photos @iv_voki.2887 , Art Shay M


Hello! What's your name and age?
My name is Kim Kyuha. I'm a 1991'er, so I'm 24 years old.

What do you do?
I'm majoring in Economics, but this year I took a leave of absence from my university. Right now I'm working part-time in a cafe called Bricklane, during the daytime. In the afternoon, I take acting classes.


About Instagram, when and why did you join it?
There is no concrete reason why I started using Instagram other than that my friends joined too. I like it because I get inspired from the photos I see as there are lots of cool people on it. 


On your profile you state "Daegu/Seoul”. Are you originally from Daegu? What are some differences between both cities?
 My hometown is Daegu and right now I reside in Seoul. The biggest difference is the weather. Daegu’s weather is hotter and more humid than other areas. Also, the winter is warmer.


Where’s Bricklane and what’s different about it than other cafes?
Bricklane is a not too small but not too big second floor cafe located in the neighborhood of Itaewon in Seoul. Other cafes wouldn't have the presence of my sensible boss and myself!

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
I check my cellphone for texts and notifications from my SNS accounts.

What apps do you use the most?
I use Kakaotalk, Instagram, Facebook, a bus and subway app, a bank app, and a webtoon app. 


How do you define "Korean fashion"?
This is based solely my opinion but I think Korean people copy the trending fashion styles from other countries and recreate their own style from it. However, that aspect of originality might not be seen clearly from other people's views, which is unfortunate. I also think that the huge internet culture in Korea is what has caused people to be keen on the latest fashion trends.

And how would you describe your personal style? 
My outfit points are usually accessories. Different accessories can change an outfit’s mood.

On that note, who are your style muses?
My style muses? Hmmm... I think they are Kim Won-Joong and G-Dragon. I think they are both good at layering clothes.


Ideal type?
Kim Na-Young. She is my ideal type. All of her characteristics such as face, body, fashion sense, and thinking are my ideal type.

What are your top 3 favorite brands? 
American Apparel, Uniqlo, and Supreme. 

What percentage of your budget goes towards shopping for new clothes?
The budget is the sum of my bank account. (laughs)


Let's talk about your #dailylook photo secrets! Does anyone help you take them?
I take upper-body shots on my own and I ask my friends to take full-body photos. I am very picky with taking photos, so my friends get annoyed by it. (laughs) 

How many out of the ones you take, ultimately end up getting posted and do you use any apps to edit them? 
I use Cymera to retouch my face and I change color tones using VSCO Cam. If I take around 10 photos, for example, I end up posting two or three photos.

Any other tips for Instagram success?
Another tip is that you can get many likes from Instagram around the closing hours (18:00) or the time before sleeping (23:00-01:00).


Please fill in the blanks: I’m currently obsessed with… I can’t stop listening to…
 Currently, I’m very into acting. I’ve become bored with hearing the words, "I love you."


How do you de-stress?
A long time ago I wouldn’t let go of my anger. Isn’t deliberately showing composure a good thing? I thought this throughout my life and happened to learn some psychology in a class at school. By voicing worries and concerns to acquaintances, those worries and concerns are  relieved a little and the results are helpful. 


Last words?
I hope that the people who are reading this will be happy in the future.