Daytripping: The Volt Sisters

Are you satisfied with your daily life? Well, are you ready to break away from it? Then it is time to join the 1000v club!

Photos Rose NgStyling The Volt Sisters. Hair & Makeup Olga Mandzhieva. 
Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle. Interpretation Chaereen Pak


Hi, we are the volt sisters (@1000v_hey) & (@1000v_hmk), sister designers born in Cheongju and currently based in Seoul. Ever since we were younger, we swore our lives on clothing. Because we are sisters, it’s only natural that we had a lot of quarrels over clothes. The older of us two majored in web design, while the younger majored in fashion design.


We do not remember exactly how it happened, but at one point one of us said, “How about making our own brand?” and the other immediately agreed upon the idea. That was the beginning of our brand!


There’s a Korean expression: We have the same chord. The expression means: We get along well. In this way, 1000V (@1000v_official) means that when our customers fall for our clothes, they will feel a connection with our brand through 1000 volts of electricity.


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