#Dailylook IRL: Yang Kyungeun @Norusalon


We chat with trendsetting Instagrammers in order to learn more about their world beyond what we see in their profiles. Second in this series is @norusalon, a 24 year old fashion blogger and design student, who has most recently been featured in Ceci magazine via #CastMeCeci.  In this interview, we learn of her trademark look, shopping habits, and how she scouts locations for her #dailylook photos!

Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle & Tira Lee, Interpretation Subin Hwang, Photos @norusalon , Art Shay M


Is there an era in fashion that you’re most influenced by?
There isn't one because fashion is always changing, so it’s difficult to follow and like only one era. Since I’m a temperamental person, for example, on some days I might gravitate to a vintage look, but on others, a modern and minimal look. 

What's your style trademark?
Layered and mix-match.


What top 3 brands do you most favor? 
Dries Van Noten, Acne studio, 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Do you usually shop online or offline?
I do both. Online, I do lots of vintage shopping, and offline I shop at SPA brands near my home.

Are you part of a crew?  Where do you usually hang out?
I don’t have a particular crew, but I acquaint with people who I met through my blog. As we have similar interests and we communicate with each other really well. We tend to meet in Hongdae, Garosu-gil, and Itaewon


Hello! Tell us, what do you do? 
I am a 24 year old fashion design student who is about to graduate and a fashion blogger.

When did you start blogging?
It's been almost two years since I started blogging.


How do you scout locations for #dailylook photos?
Whenever I walk on the street, I continuously am on the lookout for spots that make me think, "Oh, it might be nice to take a dailylook photo in here."

How many photos do you typically take? And what do you use to edit?
I take about 30-40 photos usually and I use around 10 photos for my blog. From there, I select one or two for social networking apps. To edit I use VSCO Cam. It's the best!

Do you feel pressure when updating your Instagram?
 When you post a photo and are unfollowed by some, it's heartbreaking and annoying, but I don’t do this for other people's attention.


In these 24 years of life, what are a few important lessons that you’ve learned?
There was a time where I had fallen into depression. At that time I was hopelessly foolish, but when I look back, I learned that there is not a second in this world that is meaningless.

What's your dream?
My dream is to create a space where I can communicate and share things that I like. It doesn't have to be particularly a clothing store or cafe, but a complex space, just like Norusalon.

What apps do you use the most?
I use various SNS applications, as well as Instagram, and messengers such as Kakaotalk.

What has been the benefit of creating an Instagram account?
While I do search for inspiration on Instagram, I like to primarily inspire others with my fashion style and things that I like.  


How do you organize your closet?
Oh... I'm not really good at taking care of my clothes. My closet is such a mess, so I have nothing to say ;)


How do you destress?
I shop and watch movies. I especially love going to the movie theatre to relieve stress. After I watch a movie, I find myself thinking, “Why was I so stressed, again?”