#Dailylook IRL: Saad @i.sa3d.kr


We chat with trendsetting Instagrammers in order to learn more about their world beyond what we see in their profiles. This time we interviewed @i.sa3d.kr, a 23 years old model and computer science student from Saudi Arabia.  In this interview, we learn of is daily life in Seoul, how he became an entertainer in Korea and how is it being Muslim in Korea.

Interview Gissella Ramirez-Valle & Soledad Rambert  Photos @i.sa3d.kr


Why did you first come to Seoul? 

It was a dream of mine since I was in my last year of middle school. since back then I already talked to my parents about going and studying for my college degree in South Korea 

When did you come?

Oct 2014

What made you come to study in Korea? 

I was introduced to Korea first through K-pop in 2010 and after that I started exploring more and learning more about Korea and the Korean culture and how beautiful and unique it is so that’s why I came to Korea

What’s your major? 

I’m majoring in computer science


What do you do day-to-day? 

That’s actually a question with a lot of answers because I don’t have a certain schedule for every day, mostly I would say that I go to class and after class  if I do have shooting or some kind of other event I would go to other than that I would just go either to my home and study and chill or go my friends house and stay there 

What’s your typical schedule? 

usually waking up and getting me a large cup of ice Americano after that if I don’t have time I would go running for about 20 minutes or so  then go to school after that I would do some photo shooting and just head back home

What shops are your favorite to visit in Seoul? Why? 

Well my go to place here in Seoul is a café called C27 in Sinsa area and I do really like that café because I do have a really good memories in there it was one of the first places that I went  to after I got to Korea and weirdly most of my meetings are in that coffee shop as well so yeah it’s definitely my favorite shop in Seoul 


So let’s start with who you are...I’m Saad Alkahtani a 23 year old student and a Model here in Seoul

How did you come up with your instagram username? Hmmm I wanted a username that’s easy to pickup and a username that represents me ! So I came up with my username which’s I.Sa3d.kr . The “I” stands for “ I am” and “Sa3d” is my name. 3 in Arabic form is ع which is an Arabic letter in my name and of course the Kr means Korea so yeah that basically what I was thinking of when I made my username 4 years ago when first got in Korea 

What are you essential apps? (That you use every day!) 

hmmm of course the number 1 app for me is Instagram! Followed up which Snapchat then other apps such as YouTube and TikTok


Is it comfortable being Muslim in Korea? 

Hmmm not really because there is a lot of Korean foods that contains pork as we all know so we might find that a bit of a hard time when it comes to food But other then that I would say yes it’s pretty comfortable

Tell us about how you began your career as a model and entertainer in Korea. 

Well I started first at the beginning of May 2018 when my friend asked me to model for him after that I got  couple calls from agents asking me to model as well then I started and after that I managed to get on Korean TV as well so yeah didn’t stop since then haha 

What have been the most exciting projects? 

lately I did a project with a really talented make up artist and she did a project that she was preparing for more than a year and actually it was so much better than I even thought so yeah I would say that  was the latest really exciting thing that happened.


Are you looking to permanently live in Korea? 

Although I do really love Korea but I don’t think that I would permanently living here I already have a plan which is to stay in Korea for 10 years I’ve been here for almost 5 and I still got five more after that we don’t know what’s going to happen

Are you a coffee drinker? Where do you get the best coffee? / Or dessert, tea etc. 

yes I am and it’s always ice Americano and carrot cake

Do you use skincare? What is your routine these days? (What products do you use?) 

yes I do use skin care and my skin care Products these days are all from Tonymoly which are a shrek facemask .serum and the toner

How is it being Muslim in Korea? For example how do you manage your diet here? 

It’s not that hard to be honest it might be a little hard at first but after that you get used to it and Koreans are really well understanding so I didn’t really have any problems before


Can you share tips for learning Korean? (Or speaking so well as you!) 

ha ha I wouldn’t say that I speak Korean well but I always say to my friends and to anyone who asks me how to learn a language whether it was Korean or any other language that if you want to learn just try to speak with the people whom speaking that language as much as you can if you force yourself to do that you will pick up any language that you want to in no time


What are you looking forward to in the future? 

In near future I’m looking forward to represent my religion my country my people and the culture of that I came from here in Korea. And for the far future aiming open a trading Company which is connects the middle east with South Korea.