#DAILYLOOK IRL: Steffi Z @babygirl.ziee

We chat with trendsetters to learn more about their lives beyond what we see on their feeds. This time in this series, we talk to Steffi (@babygirl.ziee), a 23-year-old Instagrammer with a global following of 15.2k! In this interview she tells us about her harmonious feed, favourite K-things and Instagram accounts she’s digging!

Interview Ann Ravinther, Art Zuzanna El Tanbouli


Hello! Let’s start with who you are.
My name is Steffi Ziebert. I'm 23 and I live in Manila, Phillippines.


How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic?
Hm, it’s tough to put a label on it because I really just post what I feel like. But, if I had to choose to name my aesthetic, I'll say it is kind of trashy yet sweet.


We love the pinks — what’s your favourite pink thing you own?
Gotta be my biker jacket!


How has K-Fashion influenced your style?
When I was younger, I tried to imitate Ulzzang fashion. From there, I learnt more about Korean fashion and as I grew older I started to develop my own style and I mix it together with K-Fashion.


One thing you can’t stop wearing?
I love layering shirts with tank tops or dresses!


Are you into K-Pop? 
Yes! My favourite group is Big Bang but I really like most groups out there. 

Favorite song by them?
I'm such a fan that I actually love all their songs!


What do you like snacking on? 
I love eating cheese sausage sticks! I don’t know what they’re called in Korean but I love them!


When did you start taking #Dailylook pictures?
I first got an Instagram account in 2012. I followed a lot of people and I saw that Instagram was a good place to post my outfits. And that’s when it all began!

What apps do you use to edit your photos?
I actually just use the existing Instagram settings. When I decide to add stickers on my photos, I use the Line Camera app.


Do you ever get frustrated having to maintain your carefully curated feed?
Yes! I used to wear all white and my feed was minimal. Trying to maintain my feed and making it all perfect got so annoying! Eventually, I got tired of it all and I just posted what I feel like.


What do you do day-to-day?
My life is pretty chill. On some days I go to shoots, on others I just hangout with my friends. I love going shopping, too!

Which brands do you like to cop? 
Right now, I’d have to say Ader Error, R.Shemiste and Drinkscancode! I also love shopping at Stylenanda.


Fashion trends you love?
Florals, rose prints and silver chains!

What item of clothing do you have too much of?
I think you can never have too much of clothes!
But, honestly speaking, I've got too much plain white shirts at home.

What kind of backdrop do you normally look for?
I usually scout for places with a background that’s not too busy. I like that there isn’t too much going on in my photo so that the focus would be on my outfit. However, I’ve seen #Dailylook photos with busier backgrounds which I find appealing and interesting!

Where do you get your style inspiration from?
Magazines like i-D Japan, Fruits, Dazed Korea, Instagram people and the things around me!


Lastly — Instagram accounts you adore?
I love @starsxu, @b_brm, @sitabellan, @i_am_kiko, @internetgirl, @heyinantwerp, to name a few!